Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pin Wheel it is.....

..yes I was leaning that way but was fun to ask opinions!!
Guess what I did????
I printed out all the comments to this post.....


...folded... put 'em in a box!

Shook 'em up and pulled one out!
My so very scientific way to do it!! Ha! Ha!
For what you ask???
Well I am sharing my found treasures!

A few years ago I was given these huge bags of all kinds of prints fabby circles.
Have no idea the fabric maker or any of that info.
I just cut out squares as big as possible!
They are an odd ball size as in 4. 1/2" X 4. 3/4" but workable.
So I am sharing a dozen of each of these Easter Charms...with........
......TA DAH!!!!!!!;-)
Susan of Susan Sews!!

Her comment:
Susan has left a new comment on your post "Do WHAT????":

I do hope you pass all the test with flying geese colors lol
Funny I just said to my daughter we need to get some Easter things done before time gets away from us.. LOL
I must be crazy too then.
So Susan please email me your snail mail addy so I can get them out to you!!!
You are set to No Reply..will post to your blog too.
Hope you make up something cute and fun then share it with us!
Well now I am beginning to think the more doctors you have involved with one problem the more they may not all agree!!!;-(
Got up at dawn, no drink or food,went out in the North Pole weather to the hospital for the tests, they were running like an hour behind! UGH.
Anyway did all I was asked to do...yucky pooh! Seems the second doctor back in Nov was not correct..there seems to be a stricture after all in lower esophagus where the hiatal hernia is according to doctor today !
Now ball bounces back to doctor I saw last week, who ordered these tests.
Will be waiting on that call now......!
I know there will be a way to deal with this sooner or later...just got to hang in.
There are others dealing with much worse illnesses then me.
Thanks so much for all the attagals!!!
By the way :
Happy Old Christmas Day!!!!
Aunt Dot reminded me...;-)
Her Mother and Grandmother celebrated this way!
Cool beans...maybe I can make this work for me some how....hummm... off to think on that!!! ;-)


  1. congrats to the winner....and I sure hope those dr's would get on the ball and help you, my gosh, sometimes it seems they take forever, hang in there

  2. Congratulations to Susan! What a fantastic win. Hang in there kiddo. Those doctors will get their acts together eventually. Ann :-)

  3. I hate the tests and then the waiting between visits. Hopefully they will be able to come up with an answer soon!

  4. I hope the doctors figure it out soon for you. AND...I LOVE doing giveaways that a surprise...and for your regular people. YAY!!! I'm happy for Susan and pleased that you did your giveaway in this manner. (You know I hate it when people want you to go post it on your blog and then loads crawl out of the woodwork just to get something for FREE...and then you never see them again!!! THIS is the way to do it, in my opinion!!!)

  5. Congrats to Sue,

    Hope the dotors sort you out soon and you can get better and move on.

  6. Congratulations to the winner.

    It doesn't sound like yesterday was much fun for you. I hope that they can resolve the issue now that they have an idea what it is. is the day for the Christmas decorations to come down. Boo hoo! Happy Epiphany!

  7. thank you so much for the great prize. CAn hardly wait til I get it in the mail. I have never won anything . YEAAAAAAAA see me jumping up and
    Hope the Dr. gets all the test right.. Sometime they drive me crazy. Best to you

  8. Congratulations to Susan and hugs to you! I hope that the doctors can get to the bottom of the problem so you can start feeling better soon!

  9. Congrats to Susan!
    I hate having test too, hope they figure it out quickly so you can relax and enjoy this new year.

  10. I'm with you girl. Not the way to start the New Year! I had a little tailspin myself last week with a high BP reading. Now I am on BP meds and I go back in a week for another reading to see if it goes down :-( Just praying there isn't any underlying problems.


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