Friday, January 29, 2010

Day late...

and a dollar short as they say.
Pat came up with a Break the Winter Blues idea yesterday.

Here in her words....
If you have photos online by any kind of date, go back 5 years and go to your 5th folder of photos and then click on the 5th photo (follow that??) and post it on your blog. If your photos aren't quite that organized, then just go to your saved photos and find the 5th photo in your 5th group. AND...if THAT won't work for you, just go back and find a photo that is at least a few years old and post it on your blog!

Well we had PC troubles a while back so lost some pics others corrupted but the above one was as close as I could get to her idea! It is from 2005.
These are my amaryllis blooming by front steps.
These are ones I had forced at the holidays then planted outside.
Yes they will come up in spring bloom early summer or later.
Depends on weather , water, etc.
Yes they are still living and multiplying.

My internet connection lagged yesterday!
UGH! So could not really do much of anything as the speed was not there.
Seems PC auto uploaded a huge was NOT suppose to do in PRIME TIME!
Oh well all seems better today.

So we have 26 degrees F here, with cold wind but sunshine.
Big winter mess to begin late tonight through tomorrow.
Hummm..well we shall see.. I just go with it ...;-)
Good it is coming on the weekend though.. if we have to have anything.
Not so many folks having to go out or worrying over school buses and such.
Think I will put on some soup and settle in for the long winter's night...;-)

Happy Friday Ya'll!!


  1. I had no idea those flowers would do well if planted outside. I'll have to remember that at the end of the next holiday season when Walmart clears them out REALLY cheap.

  2. Yep, the snow is coming. Our school is letting our early. We're ready! BRING ON THE SNOW, SNOW GODS. LOL

  3. Enjoyed the picture.

    Stay warm!!

  4. I posted pictures of my lilies. It's cold her 18 degrees with a wind shield of at least 10 below. I think we are going to miss the snow storm though.


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