Saturday, January 2, 2010

Have you ever...

...seen a bill like this??
See that stamp on it??

Look close at it.
Track This Bill.

I received this dollar bill in change somewhere in my Christmas shopping travels.
So I do not know where exactly I got it.

Yes I went to the site, registered my bill and found out it came from Glenn Allen, VA!
How cool is that!!
I have not passed it on yet but will.
Then I will keep checking to see if it ever turns up again!!
Such a fun small thing to happen in the course of a day...or I think so anyway!


  1. It's the coolest thing. I registered 2 bills several years ago, but only one of them has any hits to show where it's been.

  2. I have heard of that but didn't know anyone who registered a bill. Update us as you follow it, okay?

  3. Wow that's cool...wish I could find one of those and keep track of it. Do keep us posted!

  4. thanks for viisitng my blog I will be back to your alot

  5. I have never seen one like that how very fun!

  6. Wow! how cool, can't wait for the updates.Have'nt ever heard of this in South Africa.By the way love your blog:)

  7. How much fun is that? It would not be good for ransom though....they always ask for unmarked bills....LOL


  8. I've never seen a bill with a stamp on it before. How cool is that! I wonder how many are distributed. Pass it on :-)

  9. Found you on "Quilting Bloggers" doing a search.
    I do "Where's George"! My family picks on me for it, but I think it's fun.
    You know, you can register any and all bills you come across. You can take the ones from your purse and register them for the first time and see where they go.
    I have had bills in lots of states, and even one in Afghanistan, one in the Virgin Islands, and one in Ontario! I've registered LOTS of bills (not only ones, but fives, tens, etc). Sometimes you get a hit right away, and sometimes it takes a couple of years. That's why you should register lots of 'em. =-)
    Good luck with yours!


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