Thursday, January 14, 2010

Soooo... is Thursday Jan 14, 2010.
One month till Valentines Day.

So what do I have finished from the sewing room??????
A Valentines runner/anything??? NO!!
Not even a St.Patrick's Day item( I do have these already)!
I have an Easter runner!!!!
Not that that is not good.. it is but hey come now... how mixed up is that!!!
So what can I say...I am slack...well yes but in my defense I have been doing the maid's work, slowly .
Energy is in short supply here !
Can only go so long around here until have to actually dust or clean a bathroom or dig the dining room table out from under our Winter wardrobe!!
Yes we do have a coat closet by front door but guess what??? No room for our coats!!
See table below waiting on it's heart runner!!!

Wow can see the top of the old side table too...look found DD's silver earring lost in Nov, mind ya!!!

Also as I put away what I really thought was a SMALL amount of Christmas decor I seem to just let the over in all goes from front to back.. hang out in our guestroom.
This is also my TV viewing room when I want to see something an my darling is engrossed in some horrid male type show in living room. I will sit hand stitch and do my CSI!!
It was impossible to do even that so had to be tackled.
Is it just me or does one 'small job' lead to another..another..another???
As in clean up a drawer or two, clean up a closet shelf or two or three!
Well mine led to SPACE BAGS!!!!

See that JUMBO bag on there?? OH. MY. WORD. it is huge and I am thinking I can put DH in it and he will become FLAT C aka flat Stanley... hahaha!! Oh stop!!!!;-)
So into SPACE I go...should fit right in as spacey as I am...I shall return VICTORIOUS!!!
Yes more space in these closets for ....fabric maybe....huge packs of paper products!!!
Yes sadly my dear honey has become the lil old 'cute' fella who goes to the store for a single box of tissues returns from club store with 2 huge 8 pks plus other assorted paper products!!!
Cause Lord knows we could have a shortage any day now!!!
Hummm well reckon we better just not say anything else as he may refer to my fabric stash in reply...which I call my 'saving account of fabrics'!!;-)

Oh yes heat wave here up to 45F or so today and 55F tomorrow!!!
Digging out the shorts and flip flops!!
Happy Thursday All!!!


  1. I just finished putting away my Christmas 'stuff' and, guess what? I keep finding items I missed. sigh. I'll be seeing Christmas for a while yet.

    Are our husbands related, perhaps? We always have a stash of TP in our house. I'm sure he's afraid of running out of that!

    One job inevitably leads to another... especially when I'm doing it! In my cleaning, I tend to make more mess haha.

  2. You have one of those DH also!? Mine goes out for toilet paper and fills one cart full. The cupboard under the sink can't hold another roll. He just figures with a woman in the house you need stock in it! Wow. He doesn't know though that I supply anyone who has a shortage!

  3. hahaha....I don't know about any of the rest of you, but HERE it's the hubby who uses the most toilet paper. I love to tell him he is full of CR*P!!! :) Watch out for that jumbo space bag, 'cuz after a few months, they sometimes start to leak and then they open up....WHOMP...and it's kind of like an explosion without the noise!!! hehehe

  4. ROTFLOL!! Oh me, I can so relate! And YES we do NOT make any remarks about any items brought in by DH's. I really do not want to unload every shelf in my house of fabric stash (a little exaggerated here, but close). Today I am working on rearranging so I can FIND the fabrics that I want to work with ;-) Have a great day girl. Great minds think alike, yes??

  5. Too funny! I'm saying a flat husband stashed under the bed might just not be too bad! Although he might get hibernation sickness like Hans Solo in Star Wars and that would not be pleasant! Your not stalled though, you're just ramping up for that Valentine runner!


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