Monday, February 1, 2010


Suck Turnips!!!

See that difference in cuts???
YES I did that. Did it on a precious one and only cut of Thimbleberries fabric!!!
How you ask??
Well just let me say that you should NEVER be measuring and cutting fabrics when your DH is in your sewing room 'visiting' and making you laugh!!!!
Gets hard to see those 3/4" lines on the rule versus 1/4" ones!!!
All is not lost will just use it on another project.
Will simply replace this fabric in the planned quilt with another.
I will ban DH from the sewing room though till I am finished cutting it!!! ;-)

Speaking of DH...the Great Cook.
This is his 'rustic' apple pie he made Sunday.
Simply is ready made pie dough , put apple pie filling( he added some vanilla ) in middle and sprinkled pecans on top.
Fold up dough and bake.
Cool just a bit then cut and serve.

Here is the only snowman I had my hands on during this snow storm!
CUTE! He is one of my 99 cent Target sale items !
Humm ..I can see him in a quilt block ...maybe!!!

Can you believe it is February already???!!
Better get those last 2 hearts done pronto for runner!!
I also have a bunch of family birthdays this month too!!
Better get this dragging tail of mine busy!!!!


  1. Sorry you cut the T'berries fabric wrong. But how nice that you got to eat that lovely apple pie concoction this weekend!!! Schools are closed here all over the place today.

  2. Woopsie! Glad to see others make the same mistakes I do!! But - you got a yummy apple pie - does your husband make take outs??LOL!

  3. oops, you and the DH shouldn't be doing that kind of thing in the sewing rooms anyways. haha

  4. Oh bummer!!!!! At least he is a great cook!

  5. What your husband makes you laugh, makes you make a mistake (not knowing), and then makes you a pie....I think he is a keeper except in the sewing room!!

  6. Lucky it was only your fabric your cut wrong it could hve been your finger as a friend of my did.

    What a yummy lookinh pie.

    Love the snowman cup!!

  7. Lola, I just adore you! Suck Turnips!!!!
    Yes, husbands don't take our work seriously. At least he makes you laugh, so that is a true blessing.
    Have a great and productive week.

  8. Hey---I can cut wrong and be all alone in the sewing room--at least you were having a good time while you did it!!!!
    Love the snowman mug!!!
    Hugs, Di

  9. Oh my! I've done the very same thing. The rustic apple pie looks delicious. I'll have a littel fresh cream drizzled on mine thanks. Cute-as-can-be Snowman. I wish our Target had nice things like that. Stay warm. Ann :-)

  10. I hate when that happens! The pie looks so Yummy that I will have to give it a try.
    Feb is our busiest month for too. We have 5 between Feb 3 and Feb 6.

  11. Oh wow, don't you hate it when something like this happens! Bummer! Hope you are feeling better.


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