Saturday, September 12, 2009

Almost ready for take off... soon as I finish sewing 'binding' to back.
All I did was wrap the border around , folded and hemming by hand.
Not like it will be used as a quilt.
Did their faces with antique ink looking #03 Pure Brown Pigma pen.
Blushed the cheeks... ha!!

Yes I added that star.
Not part of the pattern, well only thing I used out of pattern was the angels. ;-)
Tried a heart too but did not 'look' right to me.
Measures 21"X 45".

May call it Hallelujah or Guardian Angels.
I keep humming the Willie Nelson song..Angels Fly'in to Close to the Ground!!!!
Can't get it out of my head.

Beware vent below!!!

Okay what is up with these marking pencils!!!!!!!!
They keep breaking off right at the tips!!
Sharpen again.... happens again...ugh!!
DH says this usually means the 'lead' is broken inside!
Okay not the most high $$ item in my sewing room but hey it gets a tad aggravating when you are trying to mark fabric and B.R.E.A.K..B.R.E.A.K!!!

Feel better to get that out of my system!!!!


  1. I'm laughing because the same thing happens to me. Or they are so dull I can't really get a good/sharp line. I saw one by was like a click pencil where the leads drop down in the chamber. They guy did not have one for me to try but when I go to Market in Houston that is on my list of things to do. Find an excellent marking pen/pencil that is fine/sharp and really works without a pain in the booty.


  2. I hate when my white pencil breaks all the time. It never happens with the dark ones. I agree with you.

  3. I love those angels........however, I have to say the willie nelson song did not come to my head as it did yours. lol

  4. The angels look were SO right to add the closed eyes with the made a lot of difference in a GOOD way!!

  5. This is exactly why I don't use those marking pencils anymore. Instead I use a refillable marking pencil by Clover. The lead comes in three different colors and because it is hard, I get a fine line... all the time. They don't cost very much either. One of the best finds I've ever come across.

  6. Turned out real nice....

    So frustrating, have you noticed that there are alof of frustrating things to be said about sewing. You pencil frustration, tension frustration, when stippling - the back getting folded in the stitch...the list goes on, yet we still continue.....

  7. Your husband is probably right about the lead being broken inside the pencil. I have a Fons & Porter mechanical marking pencil that I like a lot! It has a fine point lead and you get get different colors to go with it.

  8. It's not just marking pencils Lola - it's all pencils in my house. There have bene some terrific alternatives suggested here. Thanks for venting. Your angel wallhanging is all the better for its star. Cheers, Ann :)

  9. If you want a marking pencil that will not break and is worth its weight in gold find the new Sewline marking pencils--you can change the lead in one pencil to whatever color works for you and they are wonderful! I know Erica's Craft and Sewing Center online carries them--I am sure others do too. You will not be sorry you bought one!

  10. Been there - done that -- with those pencils. I now have a Fons & Porter mechanical chalk pencil. They are great!!! Best is that they don't break and the markings come off real easy. Try getting one at Joann's with 409% coupon. I also love their scissors - so much that I bought three, also with coupons. Try it you'll like it.

    Terry in So. California


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