Monday, September 21, 2009

Nice Find

Found these at Target!
We bought a box to wonderful for folded fabrics!!

Decided I wanted another box.
DH went to Walmart ..did not have them!
Reckon will have to make a run to Big City again if I want them that bad!
They will work wonderful for all kinds of uses.
I will use full time for cut leftover batting.
Make great holders for WIP too or wreaths to hang and keep dust off.

Check them out if you see them!


  1. I got a box of these once and was unable to find them again.....will look at Target when I'm at my daughter's in NJ this week......also want to get Shout ColorCatcher's sheets, too...which I cannot find anywhere around here and I've heard lots of good news about them.

  2. what a great idea, we don't have a Target. Nearest one is about a 45 min drive. The joys of living in a small town. But, we love it.

  3. You might want to try Lowes as that is where I found them.

  4. We don't have Target, but we do have 2 Lowe's. Those look like they would be very useful.

  5. I've been using smaller bags for small projects, have them hung all over my wall. This size looks really helpful. Thanks for the tip.

  6. These are wonderful, aren't they? A friend told me about them, and I ran right out to find a box...I also went to a quilting class, where the instructor suggested that we make up our own quilt kits and put it all in these bags, so we're ready to get started on a quilt at a moment's notice. Unfortunatley, it didn't work for me, but I bet it would for you!

    God bless!
    p.s. the tea is delicious!!!!

  7. They really marvellous and so many uses. Ann :)

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