Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Gardening

Still not much happening here in the sewing/creating/ doing department.
Our weather has been up and down.
Today cloudy, chance rain and back in low 50's.
Yesterday was a beautiful day though. Perfect temps, sunshine and a slight breeze.
I decided to try to weed some. Wrong thing to do with a body that is coming back from being ill!
Shoot who am I kidding was just wrong to do with a body out of shape!!!;-)
Today I can hardly move.
Sadly the one flower bed is still only half done!!!
Have never seen the weeds and such this bad ever!
Turning all that back over to DH.
Did soak up some Vit D so that is a good thing!

DH has been busy too.

This is his raised bed. Pretty full.
Those are garden peas up there on the side, spinach on the end.
It is amazing what he can get out of it in a season!
Nothing fancy but workable.
Will be doing another one soon.
The chicken wire keeps the cat out of it and rabbits.

These old cans have been around a long time!
They protect tender plants. These are on butter crunch lettuce and some red.

Some onions, shallots, radishes and cauliflower coming along.
Still has the garden plot to clean up and plow.
That is where the tomatoes, cukes and squash go.
I hope some watermelons, cantaloupes and later pumpkins!
From the looks of all the deer we are seeing at dusk, he may have a problem with them this year.Will just have to see I reckon.
Have winter wheat planted in the fields and cotton will follow.
If so hope deer will just much the young tender plants there!
Me Bad!!!;-)

Here is the tired gardener.
That is his garden plot beyond the pear tree.

This is my latest thrift store find.
99cent dessert bowels. Not sure if Indiana Glass or not.
Plan to mix them with my red ones to use for the Christmas Holidays.

Want to share a simple project I hope to finish soon.
All cut just need to sit at machine and sew!
Been in the dumps as they say but trying to pull myself out!
Life is not all sunshine and roses at times.
Just have to keep plugging along!!!



  1. Hello sweet Lola! How lovely to see things growing in a garden. I have such hope that we will see the grass peek out from under the snow very soon! I hope you get some rest and are feeling better. I love your amber- coloured bowls :)

  2. I have so much flowerbed work to do, that I don't even know where to start. And my body isn't up to it either. But it's going to do it regardless because nobody else here will! LOL Have a great weekend! :0)

  3. Hope you're feeling better, haven't been able to get out to our gardens yet maybe this weekend if the weather cooperates.

  4. Hubby finally sprang for the needed-hand tools to get our flower beds back in shape. He began work on them the other day and they are looking good, but now weather has him on a big delay. *sigh* Our weather today is about the same as yours. *sigh*

  5. We are creating a garden this year too. Love your thrift store finds.

  6. There's something very satisfying about tending a garden - hard work though it is. it's especially so when you harvest the bounty. Great bowls - a good buy. Take things a little easy. Ann :-)

  7. I love your beautiful green dessert bowls. Great find! I hope you are feeling better today.


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