Friday, September 4, 2009

Wee bit o sew'n...

...was done Thursday.
Deb was suppose to come over but she is not feeling well.
So I just went on doing what we were going to do.
Made this small quilted fabric basket and a smallish 'project' quilted wallet, my own light bulb idea.;-)
The basket is a TUT here.

A pretty rose print fabric with a green lining.

Inside there are 2 layers of pockets. It looks wonky on the end but it isn't!
Think the button had it bunched up. Yes I did trim those threads too! Ha!
It can hold a folded stitchery, floss and small scissors, etc.

I also worked more in my room, sorting. Here is my 'helper' Cocoa.
She was keep'n an eye out for more of those horrid dust bunnies.
She loves this one open window.

We have eggplants still coming on so been doing lots of recipes.
This is a Ratatouille. No cute Rat came to help me either...;-)
We still have different kinds of peppers to use too.
Most of the garden is over pretty much.
I have some shopping I am off to do today.
DH is off today through Monday so long weekend here for Labor Day.
Wishing everyone a great one !!!
Take care!! Be safe!!


  1. Nice-looking wallet project. You need to show it completed and with "stuff" in it, okay? Cocoa looks like he is taking his job quite seriously. :)

  2. looks like you've been busy sewing away and cooking as usual. and cocoa......he's busy! i bet if you tapped him on his behind while he's in deep thought like that, he'd come up off that table. lol

  3. Looks like a wonderful project! It is beautiful!

  4. Love the basket but the link did not bring up the Tut. I could not find it on her site either.

  5. Looks like you are staying pretty busy. Love the little wallet. And the food, ummmm, it smells so good :-)

  6. What great projects! I need some ideas for my scrap fabrics, and think this would make great gifts. Love your kitty cat! Have a great week-end!


  7. The wallet and basket are terrific! A super gift idea too. Ann :)


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