Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow in the forecast.....

Well for this blog post that is!!!
More stash fabs today all SNOW FOLKS!!!

I LOVE this Henry Alexander snow folks print and border print.
I am thinking maybe a runner for old chest in living room or for the wash stand.
Just so FUN for Winter!!!

These long tall snow folks are to become place mats I think.
I will add a black print for borders .
That will tie in my black in dining room.

These are just stink'n cute!!
I may just do a pieced quilt using some snowflake blocks along with these to do a quilt.
Most all of the snow folks type fabric I buy is not Christmas themed.
I will use 'snow items' through Jan and Feb to decorate with then I am ready for SPRING!! Ha!
So hope you enjoyed this SNOW FALL better that the real deal.
Not nearly as messy!! No melt away!!!
Forgot to share we will be getting the satellite internet hook up on Oct 1.YES!!!
They were to be here in the boonies Tuesday but called to change it.
Oh well I have waited this long for high speed so a few more days will not kill me!!!


  1. I can't believe it's that time of year already...

    I also live in a rural area where dsl and cable are not available. After dealing with the frustration of not being able to upload and download files, we succumbed to getting a satellite for internet service. Best move we've ever made. It's a little costly, but well worth it. Hope you enjoy yours too.

  2. love those snowmen, and pretty soon.....welcome to the high speed internet world. we too are rural, but we have a small company here in town that provides the service. also. we are supposed to have frost tonight. ugg, bye bye pretty ferns

  3. Hi Lola--you got me---I really thought real snow when I seen your sub title--crazy girl!!!! I also love snowmen and would you believe that I also put mine out after Christmas too--so I also don;t get holiday ones!!! I have a couple embroidery patterns of snowmen to do but am waiting until all the fall and Christmas things are done first!!!
    happy stitching--hugs, your Angel partner

  4. I'm a snowman fan and these are adorable! You won't know yourself with high speed internet. Bring it on! Ann :)


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