Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project Wallet Details

It is a bit over 10 inches wide open and 5. 5 inches closed up.
Has 6 pockets.
I cut my rose fab and batting, quilted it.
Next to the lining added pockets of folded over fabrics to fit which I added the fancy stitch to on my older Singer.
Stitched the single line to create small pockets on the left.
Layered all, right sides facing, adding the loop for button, sewed up , turned.
Pressed and stitched around edges to close turning opening.
Sewed a long line down middle to help it fold plus create the large pockets on right.

Our dear Pat wanted to see stuff in it...;-)

Here is some stuff I will put in it, still not full.
Floss, linen square, needle carrier , small scissors.

Okay here it is with the stuff inside. I left the black floss out so you can see the size of that pocket. I stuck a needle through on right side pocket.


By the way the little basket is 5.5 square.
Also Susan took the TUT off her blog.
You can go there and read about that.


See this cute lil needle keeper?
A gal ,many ,many moons ago painted these and gave them to all in the quilters group.
Still love and use him!!
Thanks Sue!


This is the stitchery I am doing in dark red floss for my daughter.
Sweet Nativity with snow cute, by Attic Heirlooms.
Doing me one too!!



Cocoa Kitty is a 'she', Queen of the Sewing Room...;-)


  1. Thanks, your little wallet creation. You are very clever!!! The painting on that needle-keeper is very talented friend you have there. I have seen stitchery patterns by that company and they are really cute. The one you are doing is especially sweet! Now...remember to show it to us when you finish one of them, okay? (And thanks for the "dear Pat" link in your post, too!!!)

  2. Wow Lola, I have a lot of catching up to do! You have been very busy and getting alot done! I love the wallet you made in this post! I'll be back soon!

  3. Cute project wallet. And I love that stitchery pattern. Snowmen... sigh... soon enough.

    Interesting about that comment on Susan's blog. I'm suspicious that it was set at 'no reply' and that there's no way of confirming the copyright on the pattern. That's too bad. I would have liked to make one of those cute little baskets.

  4. Hi Lola--cute stitchery tote you made and I love the stitchery pattern you showed will have to check into that one--hugs from an Angel partner

  5. It was good to see how you fill the wallet. It's such a good size. Your needlecase is too sweet and I like your new stitchery project...but then I like snowmen...Ann :)

  6. Love your little wallet! I remember having a similar little needle keeper when I used to do cross-stitch. Now where could that have gone to ???

  7. I still have my wooden needle keeper also...your wallet is nice. Lots of storage...


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