Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cut'in Day

Yes that is a Pecan Tart missing a piece.
Haa Haa! DH baked this last Sunday. Was yummy.
We shared it so NO did not eat it all ourselves!
I just forgot to share it with you all....;-)


A pile of projects here.
All cut out!
As I go through some of the fabric in my room I am cutting it into different sizes and shapes.

This will make for easier storage plus I can grab them up to use for a project!
No, not all my fabric stash will get cut up!!
Here I see some pot holders with the lime fab.
Some of the older holiday fabs here will become runners.
Okay back to work.


  1. oh my, pecan pie............I would have drove up there for some of that........yummy

  2. Looks yummy! The pie and the fabrics.

  3. ooo yummy, yummy, yummy!! And the recipe is...........

  4. Hi Lola, I just cannot decide which it lovelier - pecan pie OR the beautiful colors of your fabric! How many wonderful dreams are in the works! Someone is going to be VERY lucky!
    Hugs - Linda - the sewing granny

  5. Drats! I thought you were posting the missing piece to me. It looks positively scrumptious! Plenty of good fabrics there for lots of projects. Ann :)

  6. Don't you just love fabrics!? I love the textures, colors, patterns, all can lift my mood!


Luv hear'in from ya!!