Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turtle speed, fab fabs and a Teapot or 2.

Yes I am moving slow like a waddling turtle...but still moving!
This is a good thing.
Sunday was the day all the trim in room was painted with final coats of semi gloss.
It is so pretty crisp and fresh compared to that dark stained wood!
DH and son ripped out the old carpet and took it off.
Hope to be putting in the new floor this coming weekend.
Till then I will be bringing in my cabinets , shelves and things to paint.
We had so much rain last week no place outside I could do them.
Oh well works for me as I know I can see the end of the project coming soon.
Monday I finished the closet doors and did some light sanding on the shutter cabinets.
That is one thing I wish we could redo as well is my closet shelving.
I reckon that will wait a bit for more extra$$.
Can't be a green eyed greedy gut now can I??? Sure I can... ha!!!
Here is a few pics of some cute fabrics.
I bought these for baby/toddler quilts.
Will add some tone on tones to them as well to play as solids.

This one is called Land of Milk and Honey.
So sweet ! I do not know the 'story' just liked the fab so bought for a future lil one.

Now these are so fun!
Ladybugs, butterflies and daisies.
I was going to do this one as a gift for a shower but was asked to go in on a gift so did that instead. Also have a pieced lady bug block to go with it.
Till I 'need' to use it I will just keep petting them lady bugs!;-)

Well I did not forget Tea Things Tuesday!!
Here are 2 of my awesome small pots.
They are brown and creamy white, Hall and in the Art Deco style.
Excellent condition too.
I do enjoy the pretty floral china pots and such I really do, but I am more drawn to the simple ones to buy myself.
Small ones and I reckon you could say more country look.
I do use these and use with a pretty tea cup...;-)
They hold two cups of tea.

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  1. I'm glad you are moving right along on that sewing room project. What kind of flooring did you pick?

  2. Love your sweet pots! I have a bean pot in that same retro style :-)


  3. Sounds like your sewing room is close to complete. I know you're going to be so happy to be back in it. Love your teapots.

  4. Your new sewing room is going to be fantastic! A closet organizing system is on my want list too. They are expensive, but I don't think it would be too bad just to buy a few pieces at a time. One of these days...

  5. Your little pots are so cute and just the right size. I like the smaller pots too.

  6. Very unusual teapots. I am not very familiar with Art Deco pieces like these, but they are lovely just the same as they have a very cozy country look to them and I think the contrast between these and a pretty floral teacup would make for a very unique and pretty tea tray for one.

    Thanks Lola for sharing your lovely teapots with us today!! Have a great week.


  7. Lovely brown teapots!!
    Thank you for stopping by.....very much enjoyed my visit to your blog :)

  8. You've been a busy girl this week, Lola! Its such a good feeling to get it done, isn't it? I still haven't finished my hallway...like Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow's another day...maybe it will be painting day! Love the fabric...are you making a baby quilt for someone you know? And of course, love the Hall teapots! I have a friend that has many of them, and I love them...are those called Brown Betty? Great post...always enjoy visiting you!

    God bless,

  9. I love the teapots and the fabric is so adorable!

  10. Hello,
    I love your tea pots very much!! I also enjoyed looking at your wonderful fabric. I don't sew at all, but I have always enjoyed beautiful fabrics. I am going to join you all for Tea on Tuesdays next week. I enjoyed my visit very much, and if you have the time, please come and visit me at Bunny Cottage. Vicki

  11. Great progress on the sewing room. Those fabrics are so sweet, I'm sure you will find a use for them. Those are a couple of sturdy no nonsense tea pots. Ann :)

  12. I love your little teapots. Sometimes simple can be very charming.

  13. Happy Tea Things Tuesday!! You are like me, I love fabrics too.
    ♥ Rebecca


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