Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretty Wildflowers and a Guess What???

Coming home . What a pretty sight!

Sadly these wild flowers are here only because the state and county has decided to keep ditch/road side cutting to a minimum to save money and fuel.
Have not seen such a pretty display in many years.
Don't mind it out here in the country.
Now as far as the city major areas we travel on main roads well they look awful as it is just over grown weeds!
If folks who lived in the towns allowed the grass /weeds to grow with out cutting they would be ticketed!

Guess what!!
Potato salad is just as good replacing celery with sweet banana peppers fresh from the garden!;-)
Sometimes we find these kinds of things out when we run out of something we normally use!
A good thing!!
Thanks so much from every one who posted about my pencil rant!!
I plan on finding a mechanical one soon!!
Okay some things other than fun sewing are calling my name.;-(
So if I get them all done in a timely fashion I can sew!!!
Have a super great Monday!!

Oh yes I picked out my paint color for my room this weekend...Dutch Boy G015 Springside Sage.


  1. You posted 3 things that caught my attention -
    1. the wild flowers are so beautiful!
    2. thank you for the tip on substituting the banana peppers in the potato salad -! Neat! Gonna try that one.
    3. Your comment about the "no mowing" this year and if people in the city decided to follow in their steps - they would be ticketed! I think that is SOOOOO unfair! And I think where they had quit mowing on the interstate - IT looks terrible. I am ashamed of VA. this year. Thank you for letting me rant - my hubby has been fussing everytime we get on the road - how terrible VA. looks - that somebody is just putting state money in their pockets.

  2. Pennsylvania highways look the same! Our state still has no budget, so there are lots of cutbacks and I think mowing was the first to go.

  3. I love potato favorite.

    Loved the flowers you posted as well...

  4. I love the flowers, it makes a long drive so much more tolerable!
    Here in Michigan, the highways aren't so bad, but crossroads in the country are terrible. You have to pull out carefully into the intersections so you can see around the cat tails and weeds to spot coming cars. Frustrating, and dangerous!

  5. Hi Lola! The potatoe salad sounds great! I also like to sew, but always have to have the "chores" done before I can relax and do it withing getting in a hurry. I've had a busy week-end, but will send an email soon!


  6. Someone has planted a whole section of wild flowers along a roadside here. Its a joy to go past
    It makes me smile every time.
    I have heard of a group who go around in their cars throwing out wild flower seeds to make the roadsides pretty.

  7. The wildflowers look so lovely! Nice twist on the potato salad, too. Can't wait to see pictures of your freshly painted room. Ann :)

  8. It's been a while since I saw a PA was nice! I will try that suggestion for the potato salad ,and I enjoyed the post very much!


Luv hear'in from ya!!