Friday, September 11, 2009

All About Angels

These angels!!
They are from a Meme's Pattern.
I used some Meme's fabrics along with Thimbleberry ones too.
This wall hanging will be a tad bigger than I thought!
I know they really look like lil aliens. Ha!!
The heads and hands are really not that white either , camera not being nice.
I will add a couple things like maybe some closed eyes with pretty lashes.
Can't decide if I like them just floating there in the block alone.
May do something like add some stars or hearts.
Anyway all the blanket stitching was done as quilting through all layers .
I like that best. Adds dimension.
Did all this yesterday so hope to finish them up today!!!
This is a BD gift for some one special.


  1. That's fantastic Lola! They remind me of scarecrows. I love the new image on your blog. Those fall colours are stunning. Ann :)

  2. i love em, and love Thimbleberries........

  3. I love primitive quilts like that! Meme's patterns are so lovely!
    Great Job!

  4. oooooooooo girlfriend! cute cute cute! thanks for the good thoughts on the QVC interview! I got the job! I am going to be a Quality Assurance product Inspector! ya know I will be keeping my eye on the quilts and sewing machines that come thru! (mauh) Liz

  5. Hi I love your angels I love most anything to do with angels--think your ideas for the finishing are good ones--happy stitching, hugs,just, Di

  6. Great job on your wallhanging. The angels are great.

  7. awww how sweet. Love Thimbleberries. You did a great job!


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