Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello, Update and Thank you!

Sorry about not sending out an update sooner. I have just been wiped out since our Easter visit to Nashville. Long drive there and our return drive was in very bad weather! Gas prices are out of site also! Can’t see much travel for us as long as it is 4 bucks a gallon!! Was sad to leave there but went knowing we had to get back to VA. So much to do to get caught up here and had appts of our own.

This is the simple block quilt I made for Zavier.

He loved it! Here I am with him!

I knew when we got back here the news would not be sent in a timely(grandma) fashion! Pics will be few if any as the camera we gave them has been misplaced. Oh Dear!

Zavier has made some wonderful progress!!

The radiation and chemo seems to be making that mean old tumor shrink and shrivel!

YES!! He now can lay on his back , sit up in the room chair and more movement!!

Has some feeling in his toes again!

Soon will be wheeling around the ward.

Doctors, nurses and PT staff are very pleased with his wonderful progress.

A lot more treatments to go but this just seems miraculous to me after how low Zavie was when we were there!

Still has to have feeding tube and some pain meds but we hope that will be improving soon as well!

This is going to be a long hospital stay for Zavier. 6mths or longer.

Daughter is carrying quite a large load but she is blessed with some good friends and neighbors.

There are some personal troubles and financial struggles in her family now as well.

Hard to have to sit back and watch our grown children struggle with their lives.

Sadly that is what we have to do as we can’t make the choices for them.

We will do what we can to best help out from here.

I am researching charities, groups and fundraising to try get some help with the extra costs, gas for the travel back and forth to hospital, day care for the other 5 children, food for family when they are all at hospital.

If you know of any agencies or organizations I can contact, please email me the info!! ‘help’ in the title.

Thanks so much for all the concern, prayers and gestures of love and friendship you have shown myself and my sweet grandson!

As my Mama used to say…May you be blessed REAL GOOD!

These are my last peonies I picked for Sunday, Mother’s Day.

I spent the day at our sons home.

Was a wonderful day!

Hope all you wonderful Moms had a delightful Mother's Day and were treated in some way you enjoyed also!!!




  1. I'm glad that you were able to make the trip to and from without too much trouble. I'm especially happy to hear that Zavier is improving! My prayers for him and the whole family continue.

  2. So thankful he is res
    ponding to treatment!

  3. hiyall,
    great news to hear about xavier!! please keep us update on addresses so we can keep sending him get well soon cards and other presents (evil auntie liz grin. woohoooo for that wonderful hospital! (mauh) Liz

  4. Sure wish I knew of an organization for is hard to watch our children suffer....but they have you...and he is getting better....thanks heavens!

  5. I am so glad he is getting better. Bless his heart I just feel for him. Maybe you should set up a fund of your own through paypal. I do not know how to do that. But I know your friends would love to contribute. Hope everything contiues to look up.

  6. So glad the update is good news!!! Love the quilt you made for him!! I've been praying!!

  7. So pleased to read about Zavier
    s progress. He obvioulsy has a lot of fight in him. This is a difficult time for his family in so many ways. We have some great kid's cancer charities here in Australia and I never hesitate to support them. That's a super quilt! Ann :-)

  8. Oh Lola, so glad that Zavier is improving. I'm sure the quilt will bring him extra love and comfort,

  9. Lola, my prayers continue. Good news is always so welcome, and this is! God Bless All of You,

  10. I haven't a clue about an organization that could help....perhaps Ronald McDonald House people could?
    Sending prayers and wishes for his recovery to move along quickly.

  11. Lola, just checking in to see how Zavie is doing. Was thinking of him today...

  12. I hope and pray God will look over your family, Hugs MARY


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