Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Well it is that time again!
The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival held in Hampton/Newport News, VA.
It is year 22 for this show.
Always look forward to see the projects chosen to be best of show.
Quilt above was a fav of mine from 2010 show.
Local info here.

I adore walking the vender area looking at new books, patterns, machines , etc.
Top on the list is maybe finding some fabric and thread I NEED.. within my budget of course.!;-)
We spend the day, bringing our own snacks, mid day meal and tea or coffee.
Love seeing folks I only see at this show.

Alice, Diana and I will be there Thursday, Feb 24th!
First day opening!!
I may pop back over on Friday.
Depends on how my legs feel after Thursday!
I would love to see ya if you are going to be there!
Just email me .. primthreads@yahoo.com !!

Thanks so much for all the kind thoughts for Aunt Dot.
We have a couple more appts , one today.
Sure hope she can have the back injections and they will give her some relief.
Aunt Dot is so totally inspiring!
At 90 she still cooks, cleans up, laundry and takes care of Uncle Ollie, 2+ years her junior!
He is not in great health physically or mentally.
She gets around with her cane or walker.
Just amazing her strong will, be it the best for her own health or not.
Aunt Dot ROCKS!
Just sort of gives new meaning to 'suck it up and deal'!!!

Okay I am off to get more chores done before time to leave.
Will be busy up till the show.
I will try to do a post on Friday to share some of it with you!!

Oh yes weird weather yet again!
Was 73F yesterday... today we are only at 32F right now!!!!
Wind out of the NNE and blowing hard!
Course cold wind on Quilt Show Day is a tradition...;-)

Hope whatever your weather I wish you a grand day!

Please send out thoughts and prayers to our friends in New Zealand!!
Such a terrible tragedy there with the earth quake in Christchurch.


  1. Enjoy the show. I've gotten way behind on blogs, so I'm not sure what is going on with Aunt Dot, but I wish the best for her.

  2. OOH Can't wait!!!!
    Yes, prayers to those in New Zealand.
    I think it is time for a tragedy break--we all need some healing time.

  3. I will be there on thursday too! been looking forward to this show all winter. since work has interfered with my show visits I will be there thursday and sunday. hope to see ya there!~(mauh) Liz

  4. Hope to get out there! Don't know if I will or not. On way to doctor now to see if I broke my foot Saturday. Also, will have kids Thursday, Friday Robyn off but I know she wants to go and her DH has court that day. Hoping Saturday I'll get out there or Sunday....

  5. I so want to go and meet all of you wonderful blogging friends but....we have a son graduating from Jump school...and well....we are going to be there....have some fun for me.

  6. Foot is broken...see specialist tomorrow...

  7. I will be there in "heart"--wished I could be there for real--maybe next year!!!
    Praying for Aunt Dot--
    have fun--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. I missed what was going on with Aunt Dot as well, I hope she is ok. 90 wow, I can only hope to live that long. I had a 90 year old woman call me the other day to donate her quilting supplies to pl...she said she wasn't able to see well enough to quilt. she was so sweet. have fun at the show

  9. Have fun at the show! Aunt Dot sounds like a wonderful person. I hope she feels better soon.

  10. Will be at the show on Sat & Sun. Sending good thoughts your way!


Luv hear'in from ya!!