Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Book

Oh look ..yet another group of cut sqs for some quilt blocks.
A pretty heart block!!
I was going to do this one for my Mama but ran out of time.:-(
I need to do this one and call it Maggie's Heart.
I did work her up a fast machine appliqued heart one to take on her many trips to hospital.
I did the Pat Sloan freebie Love in the Air, think it was called.
Was a good while back.

Pat Sloan may still have it on her site on the free pattern page .
I am a Pat Sloan fan so do check out her site while there.
I have a load of her books and a few patterns too!

This is the book the unfinished one above is in!
I bet many libraries have this one.
1994 Published
Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks
A Treasury of Patterns for Patchwork and Applique

This book has so many of the still very popular block patterns being used today using modern fabrics .

Are these lil gals below not the cutest of cuteness!?!?!

Now the kicker...most of these blocks are small 4 inches or so.
Some projects have a few bigger ones.
What I do is enlarge them to what size I want and go.
I am sure those with Elec Quilt programs or other quilt design PC software could do it even easier!
I do recommend finding this book.
You could then design your own quilts small or large using the blocks and fabrics of your choice.

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Not anything I can do about it. I reported the spammer's blog to Google.
Thanks so much!


  1. I love Pat's patterns, and I am doing one of hers now called The Streets of Ireland.
    Sorry about the trouble with the spam mail!

  2. Crikey! Lola you've been a busy girl. I'm just catching up on all your posts. I have the BHG 501 Blocks book and it's quite handy to have about. Your Pat Sloan hearts are adorable. She is an amazing designer. Ann :)


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