Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newest 'old' ironing board!

Say hello to my new 'wide' ironing board.
Yes it has a rather strange shape compared to what we are used to here in the US.
This baby hails from Italy.

This is a wide end, sort of like my wide end! ;-)
It measure's 18" wide by 27" !
Nice pressing area for sewing!
No stains or tears on cover just need to tie it off on the bottom!

It totes a small friend on the underside!

She pops up to help iron sleeves or seams when sewing!
How cute is that!

All this for just $6.99 at the local DAV Thrift Store.

Stay tuned for yet more 'ironing' news!
Yes a HOT TIME at the ...and Sew On 'studio'!

Adding this 9-10-2015
Thanks to two lovely commenters we have a source for replacement covers!!!
Link One
Link Two

Adding this 8-11-2015.
I do not know where you can get a cover for this ironing board!  If you find a source please let me know ad I will post it here.
My advice is to use a board cover tutorial (lots found online so do a search) and make your own.
A bed sheet or other nice wide piece of fabric will do. 
Good luck and thanks for popping into too this post!


  1. What a steal!!!! You scored big time!!!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!

    How is that precious grandson of yours Zavier doing???

  3. wow! great deal there. how come I never find stuff like that? huh?huh?huh?(mauh) Liz

  4. What a great find! Lucky you!

  5. Never saw a board shaped like that. Interesting. My hubby made me a extra wide "big board" which I use for everything I press. Love it!

  6. I have an ironing board just like this but I can't find a new cover for it. My ironing board is 57" long total and the wide part is 18" wide by about 30" long thanks Marnie

  7. I have the same ironing board too. Any idea where I might find a new cover for it??? I'm desperate.

  8. Same here...I've searched everywhere for this asymmetrical luck! Help!

  9. I just found one today at my favorite thrift store. Ten Dollars. So sturdy. My linen spray doesn't fall on the floor. I can't imagine it would be that difficult to make a new cover. Use old one as pattern, Pull string through seam to tighten. Voila.

  10. I am looking for a cover as well anyone have any luck??

  11. This is called The Leifheit Dressfix XL Extra Wide ironing board. Try OR for new replacement covers.

  12. I just ordered new replacement cover for this kind of iron through

  13. I am SO glad to find your post! I also found one of these neat big boards by the thrift! I love it but it came cover-less! I am going to use the links to order one online- very thankful as my other plan was to try and sew one! :-)

  14. Just purchased a new cover online Jan. 2020. The brand name is Euro-Pro for asymmetric ironing boards. My board measures 18" (widest area of the ironing board)x 57". The cover I got is the aluminum type with cotton batting & 3 velcro straps that hook underneath the board as well as having the cinching string. I did not see the all cotton type offered. These covers are pricey, but what can we do? Gotta have one, right!?!? I didn't see a replacement cover for the sleeve board.


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