Friday, August 28, 2009


and more piles!!
Oh my it does look all so haphazard doesn't it!?!
Really is is not though.
They are well coordinated piles! Ha!!

This one is for a block swap. Just need to press them now and finish cutting out sqs!
Did not like others I had thought I would use so pulled some different ones.
Yes... sometimes I tend to OVER THINK things! UGH!

This is a pile which is cut out bags!
Halloween themed ones.
While in my cleaning out frenzy I came across these.
So I want to finish and not pack back up.
All I have to do is SEW, no cutting, measuring, etc!
Now I should be able to handle that. Humm..we shall see.

Oh Yes there are other piles but I think I will not share those today...;-)
You know I was thinking this AM as I sorted piles.
Others come in here and see piles of 'stuff'..some think junk/trash.
I on the other hand see TREASURE!!!
I am letting some of my TREASURES go...but on to good homes to be appreciated!
I do feel blessed to have what I do and hope I can better use it all after this big makeover!!!

Wishing all a great weekend!
Take care those that may get some bad weather from Danny Boy!


  1. Hey girl, you are not alone in the over thinking department. I tend to do that to a stand still :-( And YES we have treasures NOT trash!!

  2. i have piles as well...lots of them

  3. What treasures you found...Now you will have to think what to do with it all!

  4. Yep, that is some are going to be one busy girl....but if you have time, come over to my blog for a quilt top

  5. Sometimes piles are the only way to go!

  6. Every quilter or sewer I know would see treasures. You're showing them to the right group! I also 'organize' by pile.

  7. Oh...I happen to see a few (several, actually) piles in MY sewing area, too. I don't think we would be true quilters if we didn't have piles of things in various stages of "readiness". LOL

  8. Definitely treasures in those piles! I have piles of quilting takes up an entire closet in the spare bedroom...if only I would turn it all into beautiful quilts! Someday, one pile at a time!


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