Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks Everyone!!

Thank you for all the nice comments about my bags!
Yahoo Mail is not being nice for me to send out individual notes today and some of you kind folks are set to no reply anyway!!
So consider yourself thanked !!
I did tweak the Big Bag somewhat.
Here it is finished.
Added the detail on the ends of top with vintage buttons.
So does not stay wide open .
I used it Sat and is really not over large.
Works for me!

Side view here!

I have more bags in the works using these Moda Charm packs.
Hope to at least get the piecing done.
I have another simple piecing project I am working on so will just do some chain piecing!!
Had a good time Sat!
Once again had camera in my bag and did not use it at the Tupperware party. Ha!!
Sad!! Sad !!
Did buy some nice fall flowers at Micheal's for the cemetery arrangements.
Used my 40% coupon on a new Fall Flag.
All the wonderful Fall and Halloween decor they had out has put me in the mood to
pull out my Fall decor items too.
Get going on it!
Sunday I just laid around resting up some mostly.
Did fix spaghetti and garlic bread for our supper.
Today I am doing some much needed cleaning in the utility room.
Sometimes ya have to do other things than what you wish you were doing!!
Today we will have a beef roast with roasted veggies.
Been a while so will be yummy.
Here is a pic I took coming from Aunt Dot's looking homeward bound.
This is my sweet lil rancher sitting in the soy bean field...;-)

Yes the motor home is almost as big as the house! Ha!!
It is our beach cottage on wheels!!
Well back to work for me...just enjoyed a glass of lemonade.
Want to be done with the utility room by 3PM!!!

What is up with Blogger and pics!!!!! UGH!


  1. My yahoo was giving me grief a couple of weeks ago too. Don't know what they are changing, but it affected my ability to open email. Seems that blogger is having some issues too. Why can't they leave well enough alone?

  2. I was having trouble with blogger yesterday, but today's post went through fine. I haven't had any problems with Yahoo at all. I hope it all gets straightened out soon!

    I really liked the last bag and I like this one even more! Nice job!

  3. Somehow I missed seeing the pics of your bags, but saw the blue one it, and I also quilt, and have some great patterns that I will try to email to you. I have spent the last 4 days sorting and organizing my sewing room...really makes me aware that I need to actually use some of the fabric that I have to make a quilt! I'm not sure what you're experiencing on blogger, but I switched to using Windows Live Writer...much, much, much easier to use than blogger! You have to download it, so it does use some computer space, but it saves me hours of time! Have a wonderful week! Mary

  4. Please stop... I am not ready for fall. I don't feel like I've had enough summer yet. Fall here is nothing, anyway. Some brown leaves, some wind and then we're into winter right away. I miss the East Coast Autumns I grew up with!

  5. Yes, I agree with Happy Cottage quilter, why can't they leave well enough alone....your bag is even more awesome...

  6. Just found your blog! Love the pictures of all the homemade jams, etc. Brings back so many fond memories. My back yard is too small to garden, and I'm too busy to preserve anything. My husband and I will soon be retiring to 5 acres in Oklahoma, and I will certainly be gardening again. Glad I found your blog! Mine is at if you'd like to check it out, too.

  7. I too am so ready for fall, and then bring on the winter. hate the hot and humid asthma has been He** this year, when I walk out side the breathing about stops.


Luv hear'in from ya!!