Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tea Tuesday

Well that time again.
Seems to come around fast doesn't it???!!
Here is my teapot offering today.
It is my latest find!!!
I know I need to show my older ones but this one was sitting on the table and decided to just share.
It is not marked so do not know if Fiesta, Hall or McCoy or which one.
I know each company has produced some without markings.
It is not that new. So cute and small not a large one.
It is a gray that matches an old gray platter of Hall I received in MIL's things.
I call it soft dove gray...;-)
Could not get the color to show up well so here are two pics one in black n white!
Now remember got to Kim's blog to see other teapots today on other blogs.
We had busy weekend so did not get my bags done.
I am close though!!
Monday was run around day had Doctor appts, etc.
Did not feel to well when I got home so just rested.
Hope today , Tuesday, to get more done.
Grapes are calling to me from carport fridge...make me into JELLY SOON!!!;-)
So they have to be done today!

We have decided time to call about satellite internet.
So will do that this week set up appt time and see what deal is best for us!!
I can hardly do my email in a timely fashion let alone load up web pages or blogs with lots of pics!
Tired of waiting for cable to find us out here!!!
All the giveaways got mailed out Friday to Ireland, Australia and Florida!!!
Hope they don't take forever to arrive!!!
Okay all my news!!!
See ya!!!


  1. Cute teapot......and I'm glad to hear you will be getting faster internet service soon.

  2. Oh those grapes look simply delicious! And grape jelly... mmmmmm.

  3. Love your little teapot. Makes me want to come over for tea :-) Tea and scones with grape jelly!

  4. My friend would be so jealous of your little teapot! It is a sweet little thing, perfect size for one of two. Yes, I agree with Happy Cottage Quilter...tea, scones and grape jelly...mmm...mmm...good!

  5. We live in a rural area where DSL and cable are not available so we signed up for satellite internet (Hughes Net) about a year and a half ago. Love it! I can download graphics and documents in the blink of an eye and not worry about my computer timing out first. LOL

  6. i love your teapot, have some in that color myself, and find em beautiful in their own simple way! I hope all goes great in your switch in internet service, you'll love it!!Have a blessed one!

  7. What a sweet little teapot. So simple and yet so charming. Nice to have a solid colored teapot, because then you can use a teacup of any color or pattern and they would go together perfectly.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and I wish you good luck in finding a faster internet service.

  8. I love the smaller teapots, they can be kinda hard to find second hand. Your teapot is just lovely.

  9. That's a charming pot. Lola. You've had a lot on your plate lately. Make sure you get some down time for resting. I'm sure the parcel won't take long to arrive. Ann :)


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