Monday, August 24, 2009


Huh!! UGGHH!

Well now . Something happened to my camera that has never happened before!

I was taking pics along to do a TUT on this sunflower runner Sunday.

Batteries died as camera stopped working ,so replaced them.

When I loaded up the pics online half were missing…the half before batteries were replaced!!

Has never happened before so have no idea what occurred.

Just one of those things I reckon.

Anyway will have to make another attempt for a TUT on the next one. Sorry.

Anyway here is the one I did.

I did not have enough of the brown to do 5 circles .

I think that would look better on these bigger 10”circles.

I used no batting.
I also used a decor stitch on machine for the brown.
Just a reg straight stitch for the edging.

While I was in here experimenting DH was in the kitchen doing that too.

He made some DELISH Honey Rolls.


I have ate too many but could not help myself!!

They are so good and hot out of oven.. well it is heaven!!

Also had honey butter spread to go inside as well.

Are they not beautiful!!!!


Dear Niece D came out to grab a warm roll , so bought me a new dish rag!

Her first knitted one!!

Is it precious or what!!

Has a nice feel to it.

No not perfect but perfectly dear too me!!!



We had rain and a lil bit of the big storm Sat.

Did not go anywhere.

I hope to get more sewing down this week .

Will just see how the week progresses...;-)


  1. Lola, your giveaway gift arrived today and it is just wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm chuffed! My camera and I are not on speaking terms and haven't been for a while. We have a mutual disregard for each other but it's a working relationship. Your honey rolls look delicious. Yum! Ann :)

  2. Nice dishcloth from your niece. Don't show me rolls like that, okay? (unless you can drive up here and deliver some for ME to eat...LOL)

  3. Those rolls look delicious! Yum.

    I like the dishcloth too. I know it will get good use.

    Sorry about the pictures. That is such a shame.

  4. those rolls are divine.....yum-O so sorry about your pictures......

  5. I've had the same thing happen on my camera Lola, and it's so frustrating! Precious one of a lifetime photo's gone, and nothing but a black screen.
    What wonderful looking rolls, I can smell them! And the dish cloth is precious. Keep havin' fun!

  6. Your tablerunner is very pretty.
    Those rolls look so yummy. I would rather good bread and butter than sweet desserts.

  7. Oh, so sorry about your camera, Lola! They do seem to have a mind of their own, don't they? Your honey making those honey sweet! Did you save me one? No? Delicious!!! Have a wonderful week! Mary

  8. I love your is really cute, your teapot above is wonderful...and I will be over for leftovers.....


Luv hear'in from ya!!