Friday, August 7, 2009

Figs, Finds and lost 'Stuff'

Here is the fig preserves/jam. These are like small gift jars.

Some go in the freezer whole to cook later.

I picked , washed, peeled, chopped and soaked, cooked about half a bushel for the pear preserves/jam.

Will pick again for the whole ones will can in pineapple juice.

i heard about this way from Laurie. Do instead of the simple syrup.

So will give a go!

Used to dry apples, pear, peaches but my dehydrator died many moons ago and never replaced it.

Dried fruit is good in fried pies!!!


After I clean up the pears mess here in a bit will go up to Aunt Dot’s to pick Concord Grapes.

Will just cook them and save juice to make jelly later.

Will take some pics of the vines while up there.


Oh love to sit here and hear those lids pop!!!

Means the yummy pear jam jars are sealed!

Yes I am easily amused!!;-)

I had to make a run to town yesterday so while there ran into the thrift next to the grocery I went to.


Got these Vintage Textile Soak packages for 99 cents!!!

A teapot!! Will show on a Tea Tuesday Post!!

A great cabinet with shelf inside for my sewing room!! Matches my other shuttered cabs.

Will paint cream.

Think my sewing room here is going country cottage.. ha!!

Also a nice shelf with brass ends and nice hooks. Will paint wood black .

Need to replace one in the kitchen.

It is over a heating unit and sort of got warped…more than me so off it will go!! Ha!!


Later today I will run(drive) to PO to mail off the Giveaway Packages.

Be on the lookout sweet ladies!!!


I hope to finish sewing up the linings with zipper pockets

for my bags and have done by Sunday!!


We have the kids coming Sunday so need to FIND the dining room table too!!! NO!!

This time of year is so messy, not dirty, just boxes of jars , lids, canning stuff and the good canned things all over dining area and kitchen!! I just see no need to put all away just to have to pullout again in a few days!! Wasted energy! Ha!


I might just end up like this old gal by Sunday!!

I DO plan to do email and read blog posts some tonight too!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!


  1. I always say the sound of those jars sealing is music to my ears. My husband always reminds me of the first time I canned. I put the lids in upside down, so of course none of them sealed!!
    You sound like you are running around as bad as me.

  2. I can remember during apple and pear season my fingers would turn brown from all the fruit I was peeling and/or cutting. I've never had fig or pear jam. Guess I need to make some.

  3. You are a VERY busy lady. My mouth waters at the sight of all the canned goodies you and some of my other blogging friends preserve. Yummmmmm........and MORE great thrift shop finds. You have a super thrift shop there, it appears!

  4. I too love to hear jars pop and seal.ahhhhhhh means all your hard work paid off......i love those vintage sacks. i've been on the lookout for some feed sacks and all the one's i've found I can't afford. lol

  5. I haven't gotten to canning yet this year, the pears are almost ready to go, and the farmer's market is tomorrow. Looking for large heads of cabbage to make homemade saurkraut. MMMMMMMMM! Here's to popping tops!!

  6. The preserves look yummy! I can well imagine that they taste incredible!

  7. You are going to be busy, but will have such sweet reward for your labor! I haven't picked and canned in years, but I do remember the sense of satisfaction when I fed my family that wonderful homemade jam!

  8. It is such a lot of work to preserve and make jams but quite satisfying when it's all done. Your thrift shop buys are fantastic! Well done. Ann :)

  9. Oh thats whats happened to my strut , lol !Thanks for letting me know .


Luv hear'in from ya!!