Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspired ....

I have been inspired by Tonya of Tonya’s Sewing Room to complete a project that has just been hanging round (literally) waiting..yes another UFO.... well 2 really! Oh my!

Tonya decided to join a bag swap and make a bag using Rachel ‘s tut of p. s. i quilt and then decided to do another one!

This gal is on a roll!! She is also inspiring me in other ways such as to get back into sewing some every day no matter how little!

Made me look up at the pieced blocks/tops for some bags all ready to quilt..been ready!!

So decided I would get them quilted !

Worked on them some early AM yesterday and finished up before I went to bed last night!

They began here.

Got stuck here.

Now they are here!

All quilted ready to become whatever design I decide on.

On the pink/green floral I used a dark pink quilting cotton thread really looks nice.

On the blue /pink one used a pretty silk looking blue rayon twist thread. Just love how that looks!!

Don't ya just feel energized when you make progress on something??? I sure do!
Thanks Tonya!!!

I was up at 5AM yesterday to get a head start on my day.

Was going to be gone most of it so had to get some chores done.

I was taking Aunt Dot back to big city for a checkup with her surgeon.

One of those 11:15 appts. Mess up whole day kinda one.

Well we had to wait over an hour!!

Got a good report though, she is healing well.

Still wanted to push radiation but Aunt Dot set him straight on her reasons for saying no…;-)


Was so hot and humid we just came on back across the River to have lunch.

I popped into grocery for some Sure Jell.

Then we took the long leisurely route back home.

Aunt Dot enjoyed it as she has not been out and about in a long while.

We were both tired when we rolled in late afternoon.

Uncle Ollie was waiting where you all been?? Ha!!

She went in to tell him and rest some. I hurried home for my cup of tea!!!

Picked some tomatoes for the salad for supper.

When DH called to say he would be late leaving office I decided to quilt some more!

So over all was a great day!!!!


Today I have some ‘dirty’ work to attend to , pick the figs and pears.

Do my prep work for the fruit jam/preserves I will be doing tomorrow.


Yes sewing today as well even if just a few seams!!!!

Also catching up on my Calendar Quilt.

Later ya’ll!!!


Blogger was giving me a fit when I was doing this post!!!!


  1. Wow, you had a very busy day...glad you got your sewing mogjo back!!

  2. What a day you had....tiring but productive!

  3. Oh, you are too kind. Thanks so much for the kind words. Anything I can do to help, you just let me know. If I need to prod you with a hot iron, I can do that as well. jk lol HUGS

  4. Hope your day is productive. I know I need to fire up my sewing machine!

  5. Busy, busy. Glad you got your sewing in, though. It's good for the soul.

  6. You have had quite a productive day!

  7. My, you've had a busy day. Congratulations on your progress. I just love Tonya's blog too.

  8. Busy Busy. Look how much you've accomplished!


Luv hear'in from ya!!