Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Bag

Big Bag...yes I am calling it that. It is really something! Ha!
14"high by 14" wide and 4.5" deep.
No not too over large just more UMF!!!! to it then a normal quilted bag.
It too has a zipper pocket inside and 3 open side pockets.

Just a few more stitches to do by hand.
Can carry all my needs plus a mag or book...;-)
I want to make a water bottle cover too for mine.
It will 'ride' inside.. think I will add a piece of elastic to side to hold it in.
We have had rain today.
All day has been gray.
At least not storms though.
So what seems to be our weather is big storms /no storm /rain... ha!!
Cooler but still humid.
I find that so weird...but just me..;-)
Sat (tomorrow)will go out with niece.
Do a small bit of needed shopping.
In afternoon we are going to my DIL's for a Tupperware Party!
Lord I can not say how long it has been since I have been to one.. ha!
Look forward to seeing what they sell now.
DH cooked a corned beef in crock pot today.
Also baked some rye bread.
I finished up with some cabbage and red potatoes in the leftover broth.
I got to sleep in today !!
Felt so good even though I feel like I am running behind all day.. ha!
Strange how that is.
On to my 'new' soon to show sewing projects..they are TEA related...;-)
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Cool bag! Sometimes we need a Big Bag to carry all of our stuff! Have fun with your niece.

  2. Ooh this is lovely it would be great for a scrapbooker with the size as it will carry 12 x 12 perfectly eith crushing...... I for one would love the pattern!

    It is scrummy!!!



  3. Like the bag. Great job.... Have fun shopping. Have a great weekend too..

  4. great tote bag, I love making them bigger too!
    oh corned beef in the crock pot sounds wonderful
    I am going to have to make that next week.
    have a great weekend

  5. That is a big bag....will be so useful...

  6. That's a perfect bag for so many things.

  7. Could have used a bag like yours today! Your big bag is great!

  8. Love your bag. I think as I've gotten older, my bags keep getting larger. LOL

  9. That's a terrific bag, Lola - agret size too. I'm going to try the corned beef in the Webber. You lightly smoke it with hickory chips. I'll let you know how it goes. Glad you had a chance to sleep in - you've earned it! Ann :)

  10. What a wonderful bag! It is just perfect!

  11. Love the bag! Its great,and huge! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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