Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hip Expansion Tip and a New Bag

So are you in much need of some hip expansion?

Tired of those skinny hips with not enough cushy in the toshy??

Well have I got the recipe for you!!!!

2 nice large fresh baked biscuits


Fresh homemade grape jelly

Hot Coffee

Yes Ladies & Gents I guarantee you at least 1 new pound per hip by the next morning!!

I am over quota myself so will just stop here.

If you are in dire need of even bigger better hips then I recommend this recipe 2X a day for a week.

A lovely batch of purple goodness with no preservatives!!


One bag finished!


Well I think so anyway!

Has inside zipper pocket and 2 open pockets.

Used a stiffer interfacing inside to give it more body, not heavy though.

I squared off the bottom . Did this to lining as well as the sides.
It is 12" high, 11" wide and 3" deep.

Will do some things different on the next bigger one.

Like be careful where I put the magnetic closer!! Haa!

Should have been lower so when I sewed the edge on opening was not in the way!

I worked it out though.

Will do shorter handles too as I want a more satchel look on the bigger bag.

The handles on this one fit fine for my shoulder.

Used O rings on them. Will use bigger D rings on the other bag!!

Okay back to work!!!


  1. I hate to confess but I will have to skip the biscuits, even tho they look yummy, I have enough cushion on my sitting area.....

    Love the bag.

  2. Mmmm! Hot biscuits and jelly...what could be better?

    Your bag turned out great! Nice job!

  3. Love your bag!

    Oh, and I'll take one of those freshly made hot biscuits lathered with butter and homemade jelly please.

  4. Pass the jelly please... Love the bag too!

  5. You make me laugh, hungry, and loving that bag!

  6. You know what they say...Eat it Today, Wear it Tomorrow!. Nice work on the bags. Ann :)

  7. I love your bag, but can't have th biscuits, although they do look yummy!

  8. Mmmmm. Yummmeee.
    Your bag is beautiful. Great job!

  9. Don't need anymore cushy here. LOL
    Love your bag, set for fall.
    Keep Stitchen'

  10. no, no, no thanks on the hip expansion, besides I can't have biscuits.......i have celiac.......UGGGHHH thanks for making my mouth water though


Luv hear'in from ya!!