Friday, May 29, 2009

Watermelon Theme Swap Blocks

Oh my... I hanging my head in shame ...these are from a block swap in 2004!!
I do have good reasons they did not get done then. I just put them away.
My Mama became ill and passed away with in just a few months.
So 2004 is what I call my lost year.

Now I am digging out UFO's and hoping to get them done!!!
Into quilts, hangings, runners or whatever comes to me!!;-)

Pat blogged yesterday a watermelon pattern for a skinny cute hanging that set off bells in my head about these blocks.
So I told her I would blog them today so here they are!!

Need to take them with me to the quilt store and find some sashing fab, backing and such.

The crow on the melon slice,top left corner or below are my blocks there are 3 of them.

Stitchery one below.

Cute one done on embroidery machine.
See the lil ants??

Pieced block below.
Hope you can see the other 3 also they were too blurred when I loaded them up.
One is pieced with a fabric painted crow in middle, lower right.
One is pieced with a wool crow sewed on, lower left.
Also the one done as a log cabin with crow added second down right side.
One came from Char and one from Jana.
The others I recall do not have blogs.


  1. You musn't feel bad Lola, we all have the best intentions and your life had a different focus at that time.

    Your watermelon blocks are terrific (I love the ants). They are going to look good when you put them all together.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. These are all SO cute!!! This is going to make an adorable quilt....I'm glad you got them out and blogged about them today!!!

  3. Your watermelon blocks are so cute and will look wonderful in your finished quilting project. Isn't it shocking how quickly time passes. I am just now working on some Stack-N-Whack blocks I assembled over ten years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your watermelon blocks are so cute, and you are doing a wonderful job on them!


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