Sunday, May 10, 2009

I miss my Mama…very much.
I just wish I could kiss her cheek one more time and say Happy Mother’s Day to the Sweetest Mama in the whole world!
She is forever in my heart and not a day goes by that I do not ‘chat with her’ and blow kisses up to her in heaven.

I know we cannot stay here forever we all have to pass on eventually.
I hope and pray I leave behind lots of wonderful loving memories for my children and grands, just like my Mama.:-)

From this.. and Sew On Mama to all the wonderful Moms in Blog Land!!!!
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!
Enjoy your day you have earned it!!!


  1. Enjoy your day, too, Lola.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! It is hard when you lose a mom..I understand that fully.

  3. I know how blessed I am to have been able to kiss my Mother on the cheek today...she turned 89 on Friday. I don't know how you feel, but can imagine. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  5. Bless you and Happy Mothers Day to you also Lola, I know your Mom is with you today though, right over you shoulder. Turn around and give her a kiss! She'll feel it.

  6. I always miss my mom on this day. I'd give anything for one more day with her.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful day too! I miss my Mom too.

  8. Your heartfelt tribute to your dear mother touched my heart, Lola. I lost my mother 11 years ago and her impact on my life is immeasurable....Ann :)

  9. What a beautiful picture of a dear sweet lady! Hope you had a great day!!


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