Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Cup Tuesday ........

Well seems there are some who share tea cups on Tuesdays on blogs.
I saw this on Happy Cottager Quilter!
Some pretty ones too.
I do not have a large collection, lost some that got broke in a move.
Was so sad but what can you do.
So here is my first Tea Cup Tuesday post.

This is a really pretty dainty sweet one I think
All I know is I like it. ;-)
On bottom saucer has a seal with L 'crown' H and says Royal Halsey very fine.
I also have used every cup...and every tea pot too!!!
I may as well enjoy them while they are mine.
Also Pat Sloan has details on a tea cup block called...'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' block swap on her game site... http://www.deathbyquilting.com/ so check it out too.

I bought the latest book in the Elm Creek Quilts Series from Jennifer Chiaverinni, The Lost Quilter.

Went to a new Barnes &Nobles that has opened, so nice.
Used a Mom's Day gift card.. and sweet niece D had member card for extra discount.;-)
So far slow getting into it, will keep at it.
Sore throat today and yucky head.
Seems this stuff going around along with pink eye...now sure hope I did not pick up that bug too!!!!!!
Wanted to say Thank you for all the sweet comments and Mom's Day wishes!
Had a lovely weekend with some of my lovies!!
Hope everyone had a nice Sunday as well!!


  1. Oh my what a very beautiful teacup. Thanks for joining in the teacup party :-) It is so fun to see other lovely teacups.


  2. Found your blog after seeing the comment you left on Jocelyn's Teacup Tuesday post, so I had to stop by and sneak a peak at your blog and to see your teacup. Very pretty.

    I will even update my post for today and add a link to your blog so others can come see it too.

    If you are interested in doing more posts on Teacup Tuesdays, let me know and I will make sure to add you to my list. Would love to have you join in each week if you would like to.

    Take care.


  3. The teacup is lovely! You will love Jennifer's book.

  4. Glad to know she has a new book out. I got gift cert. to B&N for M's Day...now I know just what I'm going to get with it!

  5. Beautiful teacups, something I really can't pass up when I see one I like. Hope you get to feeling better.
    Keep Stitchen'

  6. Prety teacups indeed, Lola. Enjoy your book and I hope you are feeling better soon....Ann :)

  7. What a beautiful teacup. I only have one. My grandmother gave each of her grandchildren one, and that is the one I have kept.

  8. Hi there! I see Kim added your link to the Teacup Tuesday, so I hopped on over! Those are gorgeous cups!


Luv hear'in from ya!!