Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sneak Peek....

Here is a lil peek at some PIF gifts that I am working on...;-)
All I can say is STINK'IN CUTE !!!!
Hope to have my surprises mailed out soon!!

Also here is my sewing room kitty diva.. Miz Cocoa Kitty all sprawled out.
She is a mess and a half!!;-)
Pic a tad blurred, but you get the idea!
Yes she owns this room! Ha!!
Thanks so much for all the get well wishes!! Hugs!!
I don't feel well but don't feel any worse so maybe that means this mess is getting ready to depart!!

Will post garden pics tomorrow and some lively shots of my flowers!!
Yes not only sewing blogged on here ...we read, cook & eat, garden, decorate & paint, collect treasures, sometimes even clean and reorganize.....haa!!!
Here is one more Mom's Day gift.

A family pic of my daughters family.
Yes they are all hers... 5 boys and one sweet spoiled lil gal!! ;-)
Will be here for Gram and Gramps to spoil them all in Nov!
Anyone know why Blogger no longer does paragraphs well for me????????;-(
Using the lil smiles to separate for now!!


  1. Nice family picture and cute kitty. (I'm assuming kitty is quite spoiled?? LOL)

  2. Love the kitty! Really like the sneak peak of PIF. Beautiful Family Picture of your daughter's family! Those grandbabies are precious!

  3. What a great Mom's Day gift. Know you are enjoying it. All those sweet boys ;-) And a precious little girl. Spoiling time is coming!

  4. I have to go into html to get my paragraphs. It is a little difficult to find the words among the technical text but it can be done with a little patience.

  5. You tease! Nice puddy tat, she looks pretty comfortable there. What a lovely family portrait. You must be so proud......Ann :)

  6. What a cute kitty, and the picture of your family is so lovely!


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