Friday, May 15, 2009


I have had them galore!!!
So nice to have real fresh flowers in the house to enjoy!!
I am the Lady of the Manor arranging them…;-)
The blooming peonies at the old cottage really were spectacular.
I could not just leave them there for no one to enjoy so did up 2 huge bouquets for the house.
Then there was the iris I cut before those last rains came in.
Rain does not treat them well. Have mostly all bloomed now.
Next the tea roses off a very old bush.
So sweet!!!

Ahh…siggghhh…. tea and roses…such the life I lead….;-)


  1. Oh Lola, they're beautiful. I adore peonies and it is such a treat to have fresh flowers in the house. Gladens the heart, lifts the spirit.

    Ann :)

  2. Lady Lola... hehehe... I like it! Those flowers are gorgeous and so springy. Springy = Good!

    Have a wonderful weekend ☺

  3. I can smell the roses! The flowers are beautiful Ms Lola!

  4. How wonderful to put all of those wonderful flowers in your home!

  5. So very pretty....thanks for sharing with us. My roses should be blooming soon.....this rain we've had has delayed them a bit. *sigh* The lilacs are done now....they go TOO fast. The azaleas are all fading now, too....and the rain beating on them surely didn't help.

  6. My mom loves peonies. So pretty and smell lovely.

  7. You've changed the picture on you blog also!
    Flowers, oh, what a joy. That was one of my goals in life; to have flowers in my house all the time. Well, if it would warm up around here, I could. The day will come soon, and I'll join you for tea.

  8. Sniff.I can smell those flowers from here...
    soo pretty ..i miss my garden !!!!

  9. What beautiful flowers. Enjoy them while you can :-)

  10. These are beautiful. I love them.

  11. Oh I forgot to tell you that I posted pictures of my pot holders made with your tutorial. Go check them out.

  12. Oh my! I so la'love flowers and these are beyond scrumptious! Love them!


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