Friday, May 8, 2009

Slow week...

Been a slow week least for me.
Knees are still being slow.
Wed, DH had his test and we come home very tired, me from waiting, him from drugs…;-)
Still have our wacky weather… hot, cool, wind, rain, rain, rain…thunder& lightening rain, rain, rain.
DH started cutting grass yesterday evening but storms came in so had to stop.
Right now rain gauge is at over 3 inches.
Yes we needed rain but hey we need it spread out more!
Sadly yes we are picky like that! Haaa!
More storms today and tomorrow so the weather folks say.
Sun is in and out and not real warm yet.
Back to a HOT sizzle tomorrow then back done in 70’s for Sunday and beginning of week.

Also having Internet server troubles.UGH!
Cannot stay connected long, takes forever to load up pages as in my blog or yours to post a comment!
Same with my email so if I do not get right back to you please do not think I am being rude.
Called them yesterday and they have yet to get back to me.

Strawberry season is here!! YES!
Always can time it right at or right after Mom’s Day!
We will get a bucket full to eat fresh along and put some in freezer.
May do a few ½ pint jars of jam as well.

Above is some wool strawberry pin keeps I made.
I still want to add a few small black beds to them.
Love ‘em!!! Added one to a Giveaway I did a few months back.
I also made a strawberry/watermelon purse last year so need to dig that out to use for a bit!!

Check out this site for Strawberry recipes , tips and such on the fruit!
Fabulous Foods

Strawberry ‘related’ sewing projects.

Small Strawberry Quilt by Dannielle
Strawberry Ornies by Dannielle ..could be lil pin cushions too.

Walnut Hollow Basket of Strawberries

Martha Stewart pin cushions

Cute Felt Berries by Mr. Monkey Suit

Strawberry Potholder..make a nice quilt square as well.

To do you a RED WORK berry, just draw out one on some tone on tone cotton or tea dyed muslin, ( I use a red thin pen) back with a thin pc of batting or just use double fabric, then use a shade of red DMC or cotton thread you like go to it…;-)
Lots of coloring pages online you could use for the outlines just do a search for strawberry coloring pages.

BIG DEAL!!!!!!!
Also check out Quilters Quarters for signing up for the $10,000 Dream Sewing Room Make Over. Thanks Sheila for the heads up on this!!!


  1. I hear ya about this weather...ours seems the same as yours. *sigh* CUTE purse and cute strawberry pin keeps. My summer quilt that I put in the virtual quilt show online a week or two back has strawberries on it, too. I love summer fruits!!! We used to have a place in NJ where we picked strawberries. Now we have a place here where we pick blueberries. YUMMMMMMM

  2. Thanks for all the links, tips and info about strawberries. Plenty to keep me occupied there. Hope you are feeling better soon and your internet woes are fixed soon. We could do with a little of your rain in my neck of the woods although our coastal suburbs were flooded last weekend.

    Have a happy Mother's Day...Ann :)

  3. how stinkin' cute is that purse! your own pattern? freebie off the net? inquiring minds need to know!
    I am hating this weather too, good thing I work in a grocery store damn hot! (mauh) Liz

  4. My knees have been troubling me too, so I do empathize. Your work is wonderful! Hope you feel better and have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Luv hear'in from ya!!