Monday, May 4, 2009

After 2 PM....

Well it is after 2PM here any way in my part of the world.
So that pretty much does it for me.
If I have not finished my list of stuff I want to do by then, well it will not get done today so goes on tomorrows list!
Seems to me once 2PM hits then BAM!! it is 5PM and time to serve supper!

We got some storms over weekend , well most on Sunday.
Got some much needed rain on the veggies and new flowers.
We just hung out here at the house.
DH fixed a great Sunday morn breakfast YUM!!

I did straighten up my seeing room somewhat.
At least enough to see the floor;-)
I also got my pieced Cottage Garden runner quilted and binding on.
May have over quilted it… ha!
Was using it to get back in the groove on the machine with left leg.
I am trying to ‘teach’ my left side to do things better!;-)
Right side tends to want to rest more often!
Anyway here it is.

What helped was these ‘new gloves’ we bought at a trip to Walmart into the gardening center.
Called Grippers by Midwest Gloves and Gear.
I mean they are awesome not just for in sewing room.;-)
I used then to open tough jars and also to help me ’hold’ Cocoa Kitty to take her meds.
She REALLY REALLY does not want to take it ! Ha!!
So check them out next time you are in there. Cheaper than the ones at the quilt shop!!!


  1. I like the runner...I don't think it's over-quilted at all. I also like the looks of that breakfast....YUMMMMMMMM

  2. Very nice table runner. Springy (and you know how much I need Springy right now!).
    Glad to see you're able to do some sewing and quilting, even with the bum leg.
    Take care ☺

  3. I like to sit and hand stitch between 2pm and 5pm when I can. Your breakfast looks delish. What a pretty table runner and your gloves are terrific. How's that leg coming along? Well I hope.

    Take care...Ann :)


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