Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A reminder....

....from Aunt Dot today. She wanted to be sure I did not forget her doctor appointment this Friday.

Yes.. I have it marked on the calender and we will be ready to go by 9AM across the JRB to the big city.

I chuckle to myself recalling the last appointment with Aunt Dot at this same office.

Yes it really happened on and laugh yes laugh at my expense!

At a skin medical appointment with Aunt Dot, who will be 89 in July, in exam room.
Amanda the NP is checking out her new skin spots.
Amanda stops looks all around.

Amanda you hear that noise?

Me.. no, don’t hear anything.

Amanda.. humm well I do..sort of a ticking noise.

Aunt Dot….yes I heard that too.

Amanda proceeds to ‘follow’ the suspicious noise.
Ends up in front of me bent over, eye level.

Amandait is YOU! You are ticking!


YES.. suddenly I felt the fool as I heard the ticking also…!!!NO!
First let me say, you can get so used to a sound or anything really that you no longer pay any attention to it.
Okay the ticking was…my Dad’s old pocket watch!!!!
I keep it with me all the time now.He passed in 1979.
It can be comforting when I put it to my ear.
Never really think about it just wind it up from habit.
If I have no pocket will put in my bag.
Yes you CAN hear it ticking, and in a closed in room like an exam room it can be very noticeable!!!

Now as far and Aunt Dot hearing it..well that is debatable but will just keep that to myself…after all she does know I carry it around!!

Life with Lola can be rather humorous at times or at best not boring!!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!