Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I wonder....

This is one of those ‘I wonders’.
You know you see something and wonder what in the world folks were thinking!!
Here it is…a woven coverlet, sorta.
By that I mean you can see it was made up in 3 sections. I was told that was because that was the size of the loom. No fringe on it either. It is heavy though.
Now the ‘I wonder’ part comes from where I found it.
Dumpster..yes you have that right..a garbage dumpster!
Was one of the many things I found back when we used to have them sitting on the farm for locals to use, and abuse, another story!
I did bring it home and yes washed in machine..gasp!!
It is not a high dollar find that can be auctioned off for a C note or 2 but what a shame to throw out someone’s hard labor.
So I had to wonder what ‘they’ were thinking to toss it in the trash!
Besides I am a sucker for blue and white!!
I have had many ideas as to what to do with it…pillows, table runner, chair cushions, maybe recover an ottoman…so far it stays folded up in a stack of quilts on an old chest in our bedroom…seems happy there.
We have rain today. Yes we need it but does make for gloom.
Deb is coming over to have me look at her machine.
Oh dear! She needs to really think about getting a decent one.
No not a high dollar one but just a step up from her 69.99 one! Ha!
Wants to make a pin cushion.
No idea which one has caught her eye. haa!
I sat my stuff aside so we can have room to play.
I also need to get some hand work ready for my waiting time tomorrow.
DH has a long reg bi-annual test tomorrow begging at 11 AM.
Will need something to work on or read.
So time to decide on a stitchery to take!!
Got a book to toss in bag.


  1. Isn't it just the saddest thing to see something discarded that still has life in it?? I have wondered at times how some folks think. We have found some very special treasures that was someone else's trash.

  2. It is amazing what people will throw out! My DH can get a little upset when I go "Garbage picking" but I don't actually go through the garbage and you can find some great things!

  3. I am glad you saved it!

    Good job! I am wonder too what people are thinking, if you can;t use it give to someone who will!!!

    happy sewing!

    Zlaty :)

  4. I think people who make items should drum it into the heads of their family members that when something happens to the creator of that item, if family doesn't WANT the item, they should contact the nearest craft organization or quilt guild as they will surely find someone who would appreciate the item and save it from the landfill. *sigh* I have said that to MY husband and daughter many times...and I hope they listen as I'll come back to HAUNT them if they throw away stuff I have made with such love!

  5. I'm sure you'll think of a use for it eventually. Hope you solve Deb's machine problems and I know you two girlies will have loads of fun.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  6. It kills me that people don't appreciate what others do. That was someones treasure. I am glad you saved it.

  7. I have a few things that I have kept over the years and really treasure them. It is amazing what one can find that others have given away.

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