Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a jungle.... the utility room!
I spent yesterday bringing in the tender plants that the cold temps and cold wind would harm.
No not expecting a freeze or frost but some tropicals cannot take too much cold.
Was time anyway. Cut back what needed it and really should trim some more!
I did leave the ferns and spider plants hanging on the porch.
DH will just have to deal with that as there is no more room in the inn!!!
I have the dining room window area full of peace lilies!
So my sewing and other work in progress was put on hold.
Well as I say that I did do a tiny bit of painting .
This wreath I plan to hang in the sewing room and this small leaf shelf.
I hope to make a sewing themed wreath with some old spools of thread I have and a few other things.

I had a pot of beef and veggie soup simmering on stove yesterday.
May do a Chicken Pot Pie today or Chicken and Dumplings today.
We are having a tad bit of a cold snap here...well for us on the coast in southern VA that is.
Not snowing or such thank goodness!
Just a very brisk cold North wind blowing with rain!
Logs will go on here in a few I am thinking!!

Any way back at it today after I do some house chores that cannot be put off any longer!
We do need clean clothes, bills paid and such! ;-)


  1. I love your jungle too! I like the white shelf too!

  2. Busy busy busy. You've always got something on the go!

    I vote for chicken and dumplings. I'll be over later... say, six-ish? haha

  3. I miss my house plants...don't have any here.....just here temporary...

  4. I love that kind of jungle...plants, plants, and more plants...I can't get enough! So you're painting too? Its sure a job, and I'm getting just a little too old to do it anymore! Now you've made me hungry...on my way to take chicken out of the freezer!

    God bless!

  5. there you are busy, busy again today. Today was errand day for me. Got my hair did, went to lunch with the hubs, did a small bit of shopping and then went to the dreaded time to study for another test tomorrow. It's not a day at school without a test.

  6. May I pop 'round for supper? It all sounds so tasty and filling. I like your leaf shelves. Your plants look fantastic. I'm not much of a green thumb. Ann :)


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