Wednesday, October 28, 2009 you...;-)

Why Boo???
Well here is the Boo wreath that greets you on the front door.

Then we have the Boo stitchery pillas on the mantle.
A few tiny witches hats and some candy corn.

Yes it is really Halloween week for sure when the Batty Boo Quilt is hung!

Blocks were part of a block swap.
So cute and fun!
Don't do scary here!
Wishing you a BOO-teaful day!!!


  1. That "BOO" quilt is so cute!! I love Halloween!:) Great blog:)

  2. Very cute, all of them. All I did this year is spread the cornstalks around with the pumpkins outside.

  3. How wonderful....all are bootiful.

  4. I did fall runners and placemats in the house but only fall flags outside. We usually get NO trick-or-treaters except for Kaye's 2 grandkids. We won't even be home for trick-or-treaters this practice at church and set-up for Sunday, too.

  5. I love your Boo wreath. Those pumpkin faces hidden in the background are great!

  6. Love the Boo Wreath and you Halloween quilt is BOO-OO-TE-FULL!!!
    I was in Nancy's yesterday afternoon and bought a piece of Halloween Fabric 50% off. Been collecting Halloween fabric for a while to do a Halloween Quilt---one day...
    Sutures out, feels better, looks better. He was happy with it. Go back in Dec. Said it would be nine months before it's all back to normal. But a big change the next month or two.

  7. How cute. Love the quilt! I never did find my Halloween decorations this year... just the witch on my front door. Next year maybe...

  8. I love your decorations. I like to decorate, too, but have only recently made small quilts for Halloween. Your's is great!

  9. Love all your BOO's things!!! I have a Boo story to tell you--My friend Mary has a stuffed ghost that is named Boo and he dances--he sits on her table--we were watching a show today and they were saying BOO to each other so we got to giggling and started saying Boo to each other and something caught my eye and looked over and was the ghost Boo dancing--we were able to set him off dancing 3 times and we didn;t even touch him to do it --it was funny!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  10. Your Batty Boo Quilt is so cute. Everything is so very fall. Love the look!

  11. What cute boo things you have! Love that quilt! You did a great job with the mantle, too...I never think to do fun things like that...but wait til Christmas...then my creative juices really flow!

    God bless!



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