Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Dish, New Floor...I hope

As you read this I am hoping one or two things are happening or happened.

1..the high speed internet satellite dish and new modem have been installed. sewing room’s new flooring is to begin going down.

Yes both are to happen today, Thursday!!

So will update tomorrow as to how it all went.

Here is the new flooring as it has spent the last 2 nights.

It will look awesome in here!!

Finished painting the doors for closet and then the four doors of one cabinet.

Will start on another set of four next.

I have to say I do HATE painting them but they will look so SWEET in my room!!

Garden is winding down .
Still have peppers to pick.

Cut the last of the basil to dry.

It smells so good.

Here is the last egg plants of the season.

Yes that is a pineapple you see there too.

DH grows them but says this will be last one for a while.

The wind blew if over and it broke off.

It has been a bit of a weird one anyway…smells nice an ripe but never turned the golden color the others did.

We will give it a few days then cut it up for our treat.

Can still pick a couple of tomatoes once in a while.

No the bananas are not our crop but I had to set them somewhere off the counter. ;-)


  1. So that is what you do with basil...I had no idea how to dry about a tutorial on drying herbs? Pretty please :)


  2. Are you kidding me???? We can grow pineapples in this area of the country????

  3. We've grown pineapples in the house before, is this what you do? Our tomatoes were the putz this year ... really was SAD! to say the least. All is gone now but would you believe the cantaloupes & watermelon we planted in May are JUST now deciding to grow ... the frost will get them shortly. It as a real BOO-HOO garden.

    Have a lovely autumn day ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. ohhh, I bet that basil does smell good. how neat of a decoration as well


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