Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Thanks!

I wish to say thanks so very much for the kind words of support, your prayers and thoughts that went with us to the hospital yesterday.
It went very well with DH's procedure! Dr. E was very happy that his first option was all that was needed!
He had really thought things would not go that well!!
We are staying up beat and positive for the lab tests also.
I will say the stress of this kind of thing hanging over us for 3 mths was taking it's toll.
As DH say's very glad to have July and Oct behind us now!!
We feel very blessed !!!

Sorry did not post update yesterday but when we got home was wore out!
DH napped and I just sort of chilled. ;-)

So Happy Halloween 'Eve' Everyone.
We need to get ready for our lil visitors Saturday night!!!!


  1. I'm SO happy to hear that. I know how the stress of waiting through medical procedures can take its toll. Now...have a good weekend since you can breathe a bit easier now!

  2. That's great news! I'll keep praying that good news comes with the lab results as well!

  3. Hooray. I know your sense of relief. Let us know how the labs go.

  4. I am so greatful things went well. By the way....there is a law about posting when exausted....if you go to blog prison. There you only recieve what fellow bloggers send you and nothing else. That might not be a bad place afterall...LOL


  5. That IS awesome news. I am so happy for you guys. Prayers will continue for good lab results as well.

  6. That's wonderful news, Lola...praise God for bringing hubby through this! Will continue praying for both of you to now get some needed rest and an easy mind.

    God bless you!

  7. I had y'all in my thoughts and prayers. So glad things went well! Praying his lab results come back better than hoped!!!

    Happy Halloween!!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!