Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Tea and Falling Leaves

Today I am sharing my Colonial Homestead Teapot by Royal, along with a few other pieces.
Welcome to my Fall Tea.

Enjoying a cup of Twining's Irish Breakfast Tea with thin slices of moist fruit cake.
I have it set up on an antique small desk with one of my first quilt pieced works from 1985 called Falling Leaves.
Think here it works for a cool Fall day cup of tea.

Here is a close up of the 'Blessing' that is on a few of the different serving pieces.
I have been collecting this pattern for 30 yrs.
I love the simple look of it. On each piece is a different scene or item on the Colonial Homestead inside a log home.
When I found this teapot I felt like I had found GOLD!!!! It is a true treasure to me anyway.
I have plenty to use all plates and such for the big Christmas open house we have every year.
The green just seems to say Christmas when I pair it with red.
As you can see though it too goes well with Fall colors as well.
Hope you are inside by the fire enjoying a cup of warm tea on this gray Fall day.. at least that is what is outside my window here in my part of Virgina!
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  1. Oh, would I love to see that table set for Christmas. I hope you will share that with us.
    You won't believe this, but I bought two of those plates, dinner size at a Thrift shop and broke them up for a mosaic on a stepping stone. I will tread more softly on that step in the future.

  2. Really pretty fall setting for tea! Imagine it's beautiful with red at Christmas too. Be sure to post a picture when you use it during the Christmas season!

  3. To ME, green goes with everything!!! I LOVE green!!! I want to go eat at your house with those dishes at Christmas time. LOL

  4. yummy, me and green are in love...

  5. Thanks for showing your dishes...I love them!!

  6. Your set is beautiful and new to me. I really like it and can imagine that it is beautiful at Christmas as it is in fall.

  7. Very nice set and it is great for fall. Love that you used your quilt...

  8. Its perfect for a fall tea, Lola! I love the soft green and the "blessing"...just beautiful. And I adore your leaf quilt...its perfect with the tea set...looks so warm and inviting...I'm ready for a cup...will be right over!

    God bless,

  9. I love Twinning's Irish Breakfast tea and your green china is gorgeous. I love the teapot especially. I've been enjoying my fav tea: Assam of late...great minds....

  10. What a lovely collection of green china you have Lola. I've never seen this pattern before. It's very charming and adds such a coziness to your tea table. If I ever see a piece during my antiquing jaunts, I will surely think of you when I do.

  11. What a lovely set of dishes. How exciting that you found the teapot! Enjoy your cup of tea :-)

  12. OK just a minute--will be right back--gonna put the tea pot on!!!
    pots on--gonna enjoy a cup of Zen tonight from Tazo--a harmonious blend with lemongrass and spearmint!
    Thanks for the idea!!! Love your tea set--thanks for sharing--
    Hugs, Di

  13. I loved your autumn tea! Your tea set is so pretty and it does look like autumn to me, too. Hope you had a wonderful Tea Tuesday and blessings to you! Vicki

  14. I love the set Lola, it's so pretty! I hope you show it set up for Christmas, I bet it's beautiful!

  15. The green is so pretty and I love the leave quilt. Very warm and inviting!


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