Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes when you least expect it....

….you are blessed by someone's act of kindness!!!

Perks you up and makes you feel better at that given moment !!

The sweet gal sending me a blessing all the way from California was Mary!!

Mary is a very sweet person in spirit and her caring ways.

She has a wonderful blog…Mary’s Tea Cottage on which she shares her beautiful home, and tea china collections .

She also shares her faith and inspiring words.

Mary’s life is not perfect but she still manages to see the right and bright side of life anyway.

We are Tea Buds…sharing our love of tea.;-)

I was so surprised to receive a large box from her and once opened was even more surprised!

She blessed me with some of her pretty stash!

You know me and fabric…right up there with chocolate!!!! ;-)

I was ouuuuhing and awwwhing. All so pretty!! Saying " Mary what in the world"...;-)

I have already thanked Mary privately but wanted to acknowledge this generous gift here as well.

I hope you will visit Mary on her blog soon.

You will come away feeling good I assure you!

Sweet hugs and thanks again Mary!!!!


  1. Wasn't that sweet? It does a heart good to hear there are still people like that around. Nice package.

  2. Lovely!!! I'm glad it made you smile. I love those Sunflower people....they brighten up everything.

  3. That was VERY nice of her to do that!!! (And you deserve nice things to come your way.)

  4. It's these unsolicited acts of kindness that restore your faith in humankind. Ann :)

  5. How perfect, everything is so pretty. And I love your sewing room! I'm always excited to see where people create, and well this one makes me a little on the green side!! Beautiful!

  6. Wow I am sure that made your day. Mary surely does have a very sweet blog. And you do too :-)

  7. wow, such a nice's a shame that box couldn't have gotten lost in NC before it made it to your house. haha HUGS My word verification below was hytmay....haha T.may


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