Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea ... pretty in pink...

This little pot's shape reminds me of Cinderella's carriage.. pumpkin like.
Well not so much the color... it is a pink cutie!
Here it is placed on top a vintage dollie lining a silver tray with a pretty rose tea cup, pink sugar and creamer, silver spoon and one of Aunt Alma's Irish Linen tea napkins.
Speaking of those napkins and the small tea table cloth ...would never use them for real!!!
I would be heart broken if something stained them!
Please visit Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty for her Tea Time post along with a list of others who may have joined in for today.
Back to my cup of tea waiting in my peaceful sewing room...yes I am sewing.
Can't share it yet though!
Can say it is 'tea related'... ha ahaha!


  1. Well, I gotta love it, as I adore pink...It is adorable!

  2. I Love your pink tea pot!! Such a pretty setting.


  3. So very pretty pink teapot. Have a great day in your sewing room.

  4. Hi Lola, love your pink teapot! I have some irish linen napkins, too, but I do us mine when I have a tea party. There is a product called Oxy-brite, not Oxy-clean, that works beautifully on any stains, so maybe you can go ahead and use that beautiful napkin!

    And after looking at all your gorgeous sewing storge cabinets, can you come over to my house and organize for me!LOL! I keep telling myself that if I would just make the quilts instead of looking at the fabric, my room would be neater!

    Bless you, sweetie...have a beautiful day!

  5. love that little tea set....do you use these, or just a collector?

  6. I love that cute pink teapot! All of your tea things are so pretty. Enjoy your cup of tea!! Blessings to you!! Vicki

  7. What an adorable pink teapot. It really does remind me somewhat of a pumpkin with its shape and ridges. Your tea tray looks lovely all ready for tea. Using all these pretty tea things, even if we are just having tea by ourself, is so much better than drinking it from a plain old coffee mug don't you think??

    I'd choose my pretty china over a coffee mug any day (unless that coffee mug happened to be made of fine china and was covered in roses !!).

    Have a great week and thanks for sharing you sweet little teapot with us today.


  8. Such a pretty teapot and display you did for today--now back to the sewing room sorting--oh you say you are sewing today--well--good for you--do we get to see it????
    hugs, Di

  9. Beautiful setting. Your teapot is so cute, love the shape. It's always fun to find one a little different. So pretty!

  10. That's such a pretty setting. How marvellous to have such precious heirlooms. Tea is such a civilised activity. Ann :)


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