Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some stitches and a request..

Candy Corn stitchery.
My Mama loved Candy Corn.
So we always had plenty of it around in the Fall.
So did this in memory of her.

Fall pillows.
Just used up some left overs from other projects.
I know I need to change out the vintage chair quilt to a Fall one...;-)

Here is the mantle from afar. Per a request.
I do not have the lights on though.
After Halloween I will put the fun things away.
Will have just a Fall theme then.
When you read this I will be at the hospital with DH.
He is having a followup procedure to his every 2 yr colonoscopy.
Please keep us both in thoughts and prayers.
Me for the waiting...DH for the stress of it all, that the doctor will be able to remove all that is needed.
We are staying positive that there will be no need for any more procedures!
Thanks so much!


  1. Prayers being said for your DH. I'll look for a positive update from you later today. Regarding Candy Corn, the Busy Little Quilter blog showed how she takes a glass candle chimney and puts actual candy corn in it....and puts a fat candle down amongst it...ties raffia cord around i...and uses it as a decoration....really looked cute!!!

  2. love the candy corn stitchery, I hope all goes well today, I'll be thinking about you two. HUGS

  3. You have my prayers. I know I have ask for them for my son-in-law John so you are in mine.

  4. Prayers are being said for both of you. The worrying is always so awful, isn't it?

    Love the fall decorations. So pretty!

  5. You are in my prayers. I came through my procedure okay, but having to wait on a few biopsies. I know what you are going through.

  6. My prayers go with you and I do love your fall decorations!
    Keep us posted about your DH!

  7. I wish your husband speedy recovery and hope everyng goes well!

    Love your fall/Halloween decoration!

    Take care!


  8. Saying prayers for your husband and for you today. I hope the news is good!

  9. Will be thinking of you and yoru hubby the stitchery...

  10. Best wishes full of positive thoughts for you and your husband.

  11. Here's hoping for a positive outcome for both of you.

  12. Your work is beautiful Lola, and I will pray for you and your husband, absolutely.

  13. I am sure you are home by now--pray all went well for you both--have a great day tomorrow!!!
    hugs, Di


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