Monday, October 12, 2009

Fluffed, Foundled, Folded and Rolled

Here are some of my beloved Thimbleberries fabrics and a few kits.
Oh yes some special batiks too.

These are rolled up fats!
Saw this done in a booth at a quilt show.
Love how it fits them all snug into this shoe cubby.
A few half yards too.
Now you can catch these closet pieces on sale at Target for cheap.
Many uses other then for clothing!!
Even if you are a needle worker or paper/card/ scrapbooker.

Here is a shot of closet with flat folds and bolts.
The upper shelf is holiday themed fabrics along with a few other themed things.
3 stacks. I hope to have less of these once I begin my sewing for the grands!!

Even DH thinks this display looks pretty from the doorway.
OH NO.. think he may be getting bit by the fabric sewing bug???
No don't think so!
Baskets on top hold many W'sIP.
Did not get a pic of inside middle cabinet.oops. will next time.
It has thread on one shelf and some homespun on one for now.
We made a big dent in the job today for sure.
D, niece, and I worked all day. She is my doll gal!!
DH cooked and fed us!
No, not done by a long shot but well on my way!!
I need to rest my 'thinker' a bit.
I want to come up with more creative storage for more of my needful stuff.
Also have to sort and redo my other baskets, rolling storage and such.
I hope I am inspiring some of you to sort, clean out, redo an also maybe give a few ideas to make your space work better too!
I can honestly say this room now makes me feel good to be in here !!!!
My niece D told me to sew some today...feed my soul a bit.
So I am...;-)


  1. You have been a busy one, haven´t you. Love the new sewing room. It looks so tidy and neat.
    I´m getting very inspired here in Peru. Can´t wait to get home and back to work.

  2. That looks very nice and you will be able to find what you are looking for.

  3. It looks WONDERFUL in there, Lola!!! I need to get mine a bit more organized soon. It's not BAD again (yet) but it's headed that way. *sigh*

  4. Well, I finally got ALL my feedsacks stacked nicely for easy vision. You are so organized ...

    Have a wonderful crisp autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. I love how you have your closet organized...even without the fancy organizer system! The shoe cubby is a great idea! Have fun sewing in your new room!

  6. Sure puts mine to shame. Yours looks so neat and tidy!

  7. Love your sewing room!!! Hope you are feeding your soul today!!!

  8. Looking good!

    When's the big reveal?

    And why do you need two great big baskets for unfinished projects? haha... just asking.

  9. Looking good and the new sewing room is so organized...can't wait to see what is your next project!

  10. What a well organized workshop and sooo pretty to work in--don;t forget to rest now and then--take care--hugs, Di

  11. Heavens above Lola, you have a shop's worth of fabric stashed away there. It all lokks very good. What fun to play with the stash and be able to call it *work*. Chuckle..Ann :)

  12. Wow Lola, this is looking so great! I love the closet organizers. I'll have to go and check them out.

  13. wow, what a fabric collection.........I envy you big time. :)


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