Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sewing Spot

I was able to find a spot at an end of the dining room table to sew up this block for Terry's Quilt.
Sending out to Laurie tomorrow.
Thimbleberries fabric is as pretty country as you can get in my humble opinion...;-)
Camera just seems to not be able to pick up true colors!

Tried to get a decent shot of the painted shutter cabinets in a row.
Sorry best I can do now till they are in the sewing room.
I do have more things to paint but they can wait a bit.
I am hoping to get a lot of fabric back in these.
I will line them again with paper.
Did not paint the inside.
Sun did finally come out yesterday but along with it came some high winds!
I still manged to hang up my wash on the line and it dried!
Farmers have picked all the corn and the vintage trucks delivered it to silos to dry.
I get so tickled to see some of them still working .Some are 50's and a few 60's!
Now others are waiting on the cotton bows to finish opening out.
Already sprayed the defoliant on it.
I love it when the fields look all white!
We have soy beans up here by the house so they will be a while before they are ready for harvest. Will turn a pretty golden brown.
Off to run some errands!!!
Will check in on some Houston Show gals when I get back!


  1. I love your block and you are so right about Thimbleberries fabric...perfect choice for someone who loves "country". Your cabinets look wonderful....and it seems they will hold a LOT.

  2. I think your block fits the bill nicely. Cabinets are looking good. You won't know yourself when you are finally set up. We are having high winds here. How fantastic the old trucks are still working hard. They don't build 'em like they used too! Ann :)

  3. Your block is nice and definitely has that country feel. Love your cabinets. I'm sure some of your resources will fit nicely in them. We still have a few local farms who have corn in the fields and selling them at corner stands. Many of the farms are quickly digging up potatoes in an effort to beat the rain. I love all the fresh produce that is available in our small community. We're so spoiled.

  4. Love the block and the cabinets are making me jealous!

  5. oh, I love those cabinets. WOW.....I bet you'll have the all full in no time.

  6. I am so looking forward to seeing your room all finished. I love those cabinets with the shutter doors!


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