Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lov'in it!!


Can you see the window sheers blowing in the breeze??
I love it!!
Got windows open..airing out the place.
Cool temps no AC humming!
Wash on the line just blowing dry.
This has to be one of my most enjoyable days this year!
Speaking of that can you believe today is Sept 1st!!!!
Goodness I do feel time is flying these days.
Christmas will be here in no time from now!
Time for a nice cup of tea.
My niece D introduced me to this one.
It is not one I would have bought to try myself.
I was surprised that I am enjoying it!!
Called Chai.
She tried it at Starbucks and liked it.

I finally made up my mind on my fabs for LindaB's Birthday Siggy Blocks.
All cut out ready to write my info on and sew up.
LindaB's fab is not here...want that to be a surprise;-)
So off to sew them up to be ready to mail.

Working in the dining room as my work room is a disaster!!!
Oh I can hardly wait to be done with the redo and painting!!!
I have not told DH, Son and DIL yet but I will consider this my birthday gift and Christmas too!!!
My Daughter and her family traveling here for Thanksgiving this year is all the gifts I need from them too.
So far I am a very HAPPY Camper!!!

HAPPY SEPT 1....!!!!!!!


  1. How wonderful to see that your weather has been enjoyable. We've had a dreary rainy day. Hot and humid. But it IS only September in the south :-) What a lovely gift to have your family for the holidays. That's the best.

  2. You just sound as happy as a pig in a poke! Rock on, woman!

  3. The comfort of joys & a warm cup of tea ...

    Have a great week. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Hi Lola--it;s the "secret" angel commenting -- I have done a couple emails--but are you getting them??
    I never know if this "thing" is doing a correct job or not sometimes--it is alway surprising me!! I love all your piles--like you I know what my "piles" are really sorted treasures and which project those treasures will be making up!!! Oh that tea--do not think I have tried that one--but my very favorite one is by the same company and is called "Zen" it is a blend of spearmint and lemon grass--very refreshing and great on an upset tummy too!!!
    Well--need to go for now--keep sewing--oh--what color are they painting the sewing room??? hugs

  5. New Visitor and thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I loved your picture of the wind blowing through your window and yes I too Love the fresh smells of the country!

    Thank you so much for the tip on flies - after spending 6 bucks on those fly catchers I love the idea of this!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your blog and letting me join.
    Linda - The Sewing Granny

  6. Yes, it is September and only 100 plus days to Christmas (sorry about that). Ann :)

  7. I also love chai from starbucks ~ it's even really great as a frappachino (not sure if I spelled that right or not) poured over ice with whip cream on top ~ YUM!


Luv hear'in from ya!!