Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday & Sunday 'Irish' Sewing

Well some pressing, cutting, sewing, pressing, cutting...yada..yada..yada!

Using this simple clover print bright green and white fabric.

To get several piles of these.

To make three like this!
My Irish Pinwheel!;-)
Now to decide how to border it and bind.
I am thinking will add a white 1.5" or 2." strips around then I do not know.
May just bind no other border.
Will have to pull some stash fabrics to play with.
More green maybe... plaids maybe... bright colors maybe...yellows, blues.... siiigggh!
What would you do/use color wise?
I did not think beyond the cute pinwheel idea so no planning!
Just went with it, now to figure out the rest.
Do you do this too??
I just wanted a fresh new runner for St.Patrick's Day ...that is all!!!.;-)


  1. Just do it and surprise us!!! LOL

  2. more greens, can never have enough greens. haha love the clover fabric

  3. Very cute. I like the idea of plaids.

    Yep, I do it the same way as you do.

  4. Pinwheels, one of my favorites. Doesn't matter what you put with pinwheels. I'll be back to check it out.

  5. Green is my favorite color so i had to pick!

    Happy sewing!

  6. What a cute runner....

    I say border.

  7. Yep, I do it too! You could just bind it with green or a border would look nice too. I guess it depends on how big you want it.

  8. that;s the fun of being creative--starting something--yet not knowing completely where it will end---sooo far it's looking good--and probably green--either border or binding will frame it nicely!!!! thats my 2 cents!! Hugs, Di

  9. I was going to suggest Orange but that might cause some conflict. Then again it may suggest Harmony. Ann :-)

  10. I love your runner so far! Will be perfect for St. Patrick's day!

  11. Love your runner, and I think Ann is right orange would be perfect.(maybe you have to be Irish to understand)

  12. Oh, my do I ever..think too much sometimes, need to just go with it.. Love the Irish green


Luv hear'in from ya!!