Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aaaahhhh yes...finally

Finally true signs that the season is changing, if a bit slowly.

Maple tree in bloom.
It hums as you pass under it as it is FULL of honey bees!!

A small clump of jonquils trying to bloom too.
Yes that shadow is me..ain't I cute...;-)

My border mania continues!!!
These two are my kinda/sorta humble homage to the 'Irish Chain' quilts.
You can't see the white strip between them and the pinwheels but it is there.
So stay tuned who knows what is next!

Today DH is taking a 'mental' health day... yeah right...;-)
Anyway we will be outside working.
DH gardening.. me painting or I hope so anyway!
We are warming up here but with it is coming rain.
So got to make hay while the sun shines don'tcha know!!


  1. That is a ray of hope to see a daffodil starting to bloom. Mine have poked through the ground and a few tight buds but no color showing yet.

  2. How lovely to be seeing signs of spring! We don't have anything in bud yet, but the robins were singing this morning! :0)

  3. Same kind of weather here...and rain on the way in a couple of days...but supposed to stay warm even with the rain....GOOD.

  4. yes, your shadow is super cute. rain on the way here as well......i don't mind the rain.

  5. I'm liking your green and white border on your pinwheel quilt AND your signs of spring. Tried to comment earlier and it didn't look like it took...so am commenting again. If both take, you'll have two comments from me...what a lucky day for you....LOL Hope the warm weather stays as they say it will..even with the upcoming rain.

  6. Enjoy the day. The sunshine will feel great!

  7. Don't work too hard out there today!

  8. A mental health day, how fun! It is always so nice to see the changing seasons. Hope you have a wonderful, productive day today!

  9. Ooohhh... I like the checkerboard border! Nice!

    Lucky you to have spring arrive. We're expecting snow this week. Of course we are!

  10. That border looks terrific Lola! So nice to see Spring arriving at your door. You deserve it. Ann :-)

  11. Spring will come a bit later here in Ireland...enjoy your beginning of spring.

  12. We are having rain today, but yesterday was gorgeous. I even opened the windows to let some warm air flow through. I think we are all ready for Spring.

  13. I just love the thought that this winter is almost past! I long to see sunshine and warmth outside! When my dogwoods begin to bloom I will believe it is near.


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