Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Name That 'QUILT'!!

Okay this arrived yesterday!
It is from Quilts for Kids!!
These quilts will go to children hospitals to be used there.

This was the bundle inside.
Everything to make a child's quilt but the batting and thread.

This is the focus fabric in my bundle!
Classic old cars! Cute!

Downy Fabric Softener is the sponsor for this campaign...Touch of Comfort.
A label is included for your name and the name of the quilt.

It really is a simple pieced top that any level sewing ability can do.
Please go check this out see if you would enjoy doing one.
What you do is sew up, simply quilt it and return!
All I did was send an email to the contact email( lower left corner)l requesting the kit to sew.
I sent only my name and snail addy, no phone info.
I got my heads up from my friend Liz of A Redneck Dingbat Quilter.
Thanks Liz!!

Now for that post title again...NAME THAT QUILT!!
Help me name this lil darling!!
I need some ideas!!
You can see the fun focus fabric above!
So decided I will turn this into a fun giveaway!!
I will be going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show Feb 26th in Newport News, Va.
I will pick up the giveaway gift there!!!

Post to this post only a name suggestion for one chance!
If you are one of my sweet followers(tell me this) you get another chance!
For a third chance let me know you too have sent for this kit to help!!!

So you can be in the pot 3 times!!
You must have a blog and not be set to No Reply.
Will close the giveaway Friday, Feb 26th at 9 PM EST.

Will draw a name on Sat, Feb 27th and post it.

If you do not contact me in 48 hrs from when I post your name, will draw another name.

Look forward to seeing a lot of suggestions!!!!
Thanks for playing and for helping out too!!

Tried to make a 'button'...pitiful I know!!


  1. Hello,
    How nice and love the fabric..I will look in to it too.I am a follower too. I like:
    I know, corny?
    Good luck to all

  2. How about Cool Cars? I'm not very good at names. LOL I'm a follower and I've already sent for my kit. So that gets me three chances! Thanks so much! :0)

  3. Since the quilts are going to kids who are sick and will want to get OUT of the hospital as soon as possible...and since the quilt will have cars on it, I'd call this quilt "Drive Thru".....you know....like drive right THROUGH that hospital and get OUT of there quickly!!! I am one of your followers, by the way. I've gone to that quilt show the past 3 years but not this year....this year am going to the new AQS quilt show in Lancaster, PA, instead.......but I love the place where the MidAtlantic show is held!!!

  4. How about Crazy Racer. I'm one of your followers, and I sent for one of the kits last week. It's such a good cause, I couldn't resist. Besides, it just lets me do more of what I enjoy so much - sewing and quilting.

  5. How about Beep Beep, there was a song like that when I was growing up, and we used to love to run around my Moms braided rug singing along. I am a follower and will look into getting a kit, I may pass this info on to some of my friends as well. such a great cause.

  6. What very cool fabric. How about "Roadway Home". Looks like a wonderful cause.

  7. How wonderful. I would have loved to have a quilt if I had been a child in the hospital! I was so happy to read your post and all the responses. Can't wait to see what you name it and of course when you finish it! (please do not enter me in the give away as I will be hither and yon, can't wait to see what it is though!)

  8. What a neat idea giving comfort to sick kids. My guild gives a lot of quilt to the Shriner's. How about Cruisin'?

  9. HI Lola,

    I had to think about a name and I came up with "Going for a Fun Ride" quilt! The kids can take it on their trips. I already signed up and stitched and quilted my quilt. I am sewing the binding and then I have to wash it and ship it. Mine has lizards. :))
    The quilt is very easy to stitch so I hope a lot of people sign up to make one or two.

    Have fun at the quilt show!

    P.S. I am a happy follower!:))

  10. How about "race on down the road", thanks for the entry, Sharon.

  11. Hi Lola, what a great gift to give a child. We give for two programs at our quilt guild and I love doing this. You've been on my blog list but I'll check to see if I'm a follower. What about "Steer Me In The Right Direction"
    Keep Stitchen'

  12. Since it is for a kid, I can't get too sophisticated, but I want to remember the vintage quality, so how about "Classic Vroom!"

  13. I made one of these cute quilts before. Isn't this group great!

  14. I think it's Mazda that has a commercial where a kid says "vroom vroom". I've always liked that. So my name idea is
    Vroom Vroom. And of course I'm a follower.
    Hugs, Linda

  15. Just realized, it's zoom zoom, not vroom vroom.

  16. Love the focus fabric! I think the perfect name for this would be CARZOO! It sounds like something that would interest a child.
    I have now become a follower!

  17. This is wonderful - had to think of a name - how about "Got Wheels and I'm out of here!". I know this quilt will please someone.

    Love your blog and read it every chance I get.

  18. How about Hot Rod Heaven.

  19. Wracking my brain on this one... and all I can think of is "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" like the old movie. Okay, my head hurts (not from this contest; it just hurts in general).

  20. Ok, how about "Drivin' in Style"...What cute fabric...Just love it!

  21. How about "Go Go Quilt"! Sounds fun. This is so good of you to do this for a child. I admire you.

  22. I think I would name the quilt "Zoom, Zoom." This could be because I drive a Mazda but as a kid that was the noise I made when I pretended to be driving. Well, I kinda make that noise now, too. ;-)

  23. "cute lil racer" I was just about to email you and see how you were, I don't know how I missed this post.

  24. name that quilt...
    "Classic Comforter"
    because of the classic cars

    I am a follower
    and I am following your example and sent along a request to sew a quilt

    What a wonderful way to craft and make a difference.

    Thanks for your post

    come visit

  25. G'day, sweetie ~ All the good selections are listed ... darling fabric to work with.

    Anxious to see where this all goes ...
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon


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